Saturday 9th November 2019
KSBH 2019

From the KSBH organising committee


Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s event and we are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience caused by its late cancellation.  Our priority over this last week has been to run an event, even if we had to limit the categories for the participants. However, our over riding concern has been the safety of everyone competing and that was why, yesterday at 7.30am we cancelled the event. With the amount of rain that had fallen over the last 3 days in the Thames Valley, the volume of water from the mouth of the River Mole which is also fed just upstream from its mouth, by the River Ember, had become a torrent. Whilst the river Thames was just about rowable at Hampton Court, it would be impossible to safely marshal crews either side of the race which would be taking part.


We hope you will understand our reasons for the decision made, which I can assure everyone, with the event committed to all its costs, was not one reached lightly!


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