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Full details and documents for this event will be posted on our Heads page shortly.

Coronavirus update  23rd July 2021

KRC approach to Covid safety post 19th July

Please note that in this phase the advice is not backed up by law and there is a lot of latitude for clubs to make their own plans. This plan is constructed to provide as much freedom to train and socialise as possible, but respects that some people are worried about infection levels. At KRC we want to keep all crews safe and keep everyone working and training.

Symptoms of Covid

If you experience any of the three official symptoms associated with Covid you should not attend the club and get a PCR test. If this is negative then you can return when you feel better, if positive follow the guidance from test and trace. These three symptoms are

Fever: Loss of taste and smell: Persistent cough

However, Zoe App has identified that many people who are testing positive have other symptoms just like a cold e.g. Runny Nose: Sore Throat: Unusually tired: Excessive sneezing

If you have these symptoms, do not come to the club. take a lateral flow test, if negative then just wait till you feel better. If positive then confirm with a PCR test.

Following a test due to symptoms

If a negative result, You should notify your coach and anyone in your crew that you rowed within the previous two days and they should take a lateral flow test.

If any positive result, then the crew must stay away from the club for 10 days.

Activity guidance

Outdoors including the landing stage and boat area:

There is no requirement for people to wear face masks outdoors, on the water, or whilst training outdoors. We ask that people respect others by keeping their distance and do not ask others to hug or shake hands.

Inside the boathouse

This is an indoor space, albeit a well-ventilated one that reduces risk. Some people are apprehensive about mixing in this space.

We ask that people wear a mask when entering the boat bays and boathouse. However, if there are no other squads present in the boathouse then wearing a face mask is not required.

The boathouse is now only used for picking up and returning boats. Please do not gather and chat in the boathouse. You can chat outdoors. Please do not store your bags in the boathouse anymore. You can store bags in the changing rooms.

Inside the clubhouse

Given the current infection rates. The risk of transmission is significant indoors

It is a condition of entry to the clubhouse that people wear a face mask when moving around. They can remove the mask when seated or when actively training.

We also continue to restrict numbers in the bar to 16, in the training room to 20 and the weights room to 6. And so use the booking system for indoor training.

The changing rooms can be used to store bags but we suggest people avoid using showers and hanging around in a crowded changing room. We will restrict numbers to 8 in each changing room at any one time.

Any indoor events with larger numbers would have to be table service only, no buffets, no crowds around the bar. Any indoor club meetings are limited to the numbers above.

Infection management

We remove the booking system for boating slots during the week. But we still operate the boating schedule at the weekends.

The Covid QR code is at the clubhouse in the boating area and the boathouse. We ask members to log in to this using the NHS covid app.

Any member who has symptoms of a cold or Covid symptoms or tests positive or is pinged by the app should stay away from the club until cleared. (10 days from the contact or the test result). Any squad members who do an outing and then it appears they were with someone whilst they were infectious should also stay away from the club until 10 days have passed.

If coaches wish to be cautious, you can ask your squad members to take a lateral flow test twice a week. This is in line with government advice and highly likely to pick up any infection and could avoid much trouble. However, this is a matter for individual squads and is not general club policy. Lateral flow tests are freely available from all pharmacies and are easy to do at home. They are proving to be much more accurate than was thought when they were first introduced (85% accurate).

Further information will be posted here and on the KRC Facebook page

There is a KRC Sculling Competency Scheme document which you will NEED to adhere to.

KRC Sculling Competency Scheme

New to the sport? - Let us teach you.

Our ADULT L2R courses will run in September,


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The next JUNIOR LEARN TO ROW courses

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KRC now offers coach training courses. 

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