It is with great sadness that the KRC Committee has taken the difficult decision to close the club for all rowing activity UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, with immediate effect.  This includes rowing on the water.


The committee has come to this difficult decision after reviewing the latest Government guidance and evidence that the Coronavirus crisis is deepening.  We consider that we have no alternative than to conclude that no rowing activity can take place that is without risk of potentially spreading Coronavirus either at the club or travelling to or from the club.  Whilst rowing is very important to all of us, none of us can truly say that it fits within the current Government guidance on social distancing and we must all take responsibility to avoid unnecessary social contact. 


I will be asking each squad coach to prepare some ‘social-distance friendly’ programs whilst we are all required to avoid unnecessary social contact.  Although we may be restricted in our ability to row and train at the club, there are a lot of core circuits that you can do in your own living room.  It would be great to see some photos and videos posted on our Facebook page of members of the club training in their living rooms, garage, basements, and wherever you can in a safe environment. 


We will continue to review the situation and we will review this decision before the end of this two-week period.  I am forever hopeful that this crisis will begin to wane and we will be able to get back out on the water in the near future.


I understand this is a frustrating time and we can easily think of ourselves as healthy individuals, but I urge you to think of your wider community at this time. Coronavirus is striking down even the fit and healthy.  While you may not be seriously ill yourself, you may pass Coronavirus to another person, who passes it to another, who passes it to friends or family members.  Please do your part, heed the Government advice about self-isolating, and please take social distancing seriously. 


If you have any questions, ideas, or need help please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to get back to you. 


Stay healthy,



KRC Captain

Henley Royal Regatta 2020 - CANCELLED

Sir Steve Redgrave, Chairman of the Committee of Management, said:


“We appreciate that the cancellation of the Regatta will come as a huge disappointment to many involved in the sport of rowing, especially those whose seasons had been planned around Henley, and particularly given that event after event has been cancelled already this year. However, no matter how passionate we are about our sport, we are also mindful that there are now more significant issues at stake than the staging of sporting events. In this context, it is our hope that all concerned will understand our decision. We all know and cherish the fact that our sport is more than a community - it is a family. We encourage all in the rowing family to adhere to Government requirements on social distancing and guidance on good hygiene, and hope that by 2021 we are safely able, once again, to stage the world’s pre-eminent Regatta, over six wonderful days of competition.”

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