National Schools' Regatta

This year saw our most successful Nat Schools in over a decade. We are so proud of every single one of our juniors that competed at such a top level national event. Apart from HWR or HRR, this is the hardest and most competitive junior regatta in the country, and is the highlight of many junior calendars. On the Friday, we had 7 crews competing over just 1k. 2 J14 4x+, 2 WJ14 4x+, a WJ15 4+, a WJ15 4x+ and a J15 4+ (full crew lists below). This year all J14 events were run as a time trial with finals being sorted post TT. Our WJ14 boats came 11th and 22nd, placing them in the B & D finals. They came 5th in the B final and 4th in the D final. The 2 J14 boats came 11th and 17th in their TT placing them in the B and C finals coming 2nd in the B final and 4th in the C final. All J14s rowed extremely well and competitively and we are sure to see some great athletes in the coming years. Also on the Friday we had 3 J15 boats. All 3 crews qualified for the A/B semi-finals which is a fantastic achievement for the squad. The WJ15 4x+ came a very tight 4th in their semi, but with strong determination they went on to win their B final. The WJ15 4+ came 5th in their semi and then came 4th in the B final. The best results of the day came from the J15 4+. Winning their semi-final, they were hungry for a medal. They came out in a very tight race with Walton RC to be just pipped at the post and win the bronze medal. We are so proud of these boys and how they have turned their season around. It was a great way to start off the weekend. On the Saturday we had 2 Women’s Champ 2x, a boys 1st 4+ and a WJ16 4+ racing over 2k. The 1st WC 2x came an impressive 7th in their TT with the younger girls in the 2nd boat coming 33rd in a tough field. The 1st 2x moved into their semi-final unfortunately placing 7th which meant they were unable to qualify for the B final. The boys 1st 4+ came into their race as a younger crew consisting of mostly J17s with a J16 at bow. In a tough J18 event, they did well to qualify for the semis in 12th at the TT. Unfortunately with the cross-wind rearing its ugly head they were placed in the worst lane for their semi, to come 6th. They did come back fighting in the B final to get 5th place, again battling with the wind. The top performance of the weekend came from the WJ16 4+. They dominated their TT placing 1st by 10 seconds in front of Enniskillen Royal BC (Ireland). They went into their semi hoping to better themselves further and cruised over the line at rate 26 gaining a more than comfortable lead in the opening 1k. Having had such a successful opening to their season already, the gold was what they wanted. Anticipating a close race with Enniskillen, the girls fired out of the blocks leaving the competition behind them. They won their final by 12 seconds, and winning that all important gold medal. Sunday saw the return of the same 4 rowers from Saturday’s WJ16 4+, this time competing against each other in 2 WJ16 2-. Having won the gold the day before, all eyes were on them in the TT. They did not disappoint coming 1st and 2nd with times within 1 second of each other. Moving into their semis, they came 1st and 2nd in different semi-finals, with Enniskillen placing 1st in the other semi. By the time the final came around, fatigue was beginning to show and tired legs were taking a big hit. The girls battled well placing 1st and 3rd at the 1k point. However, the hunger from Enniskillen, having lost out the day before, was evident and they went on to win the gold, with our girls winning the silver and bronze medals. Having had little practice in the 2- and doubling up over the weekend, the girls and I couldn’t believe how well we had done. It was an awe inspiring performance from them and to say emotions ran high, would be an understatement. To sum up, that was a gold, a silver and 2 bronze medals, in what could be described as an incredible display by a club rowing facility. Working out our own medal table, we came 5th in the club rankings and top London club facility. Next up for the juniors is HWR, where we have a WJ16 4+ and WJ 2x racing. The younger juniors are currently battling away at the local events, follow us on social media to keep up to date with results. Full NSR crew lists: J14 4x+ (1) Tom Williams, Connor Cross, Carwyn Davies, Matt Long - Izzy Conder (c) J14 4x+ (2) Jai Patel, Archie Willett, Josh Hugo, Issac Paulo VD Langkruis - Nat Binns (c) WJ14 4x+ (1) Eva Strubel, Olivia Janss Lafond, Safia Leloup, Layla Rafferty - Annaliese Boakes (c) WJ14 4x+ (2) Molly Preston-Derry, Annalisa Janss Lafond, Iona Cadoret, Freya Rush - Maia Grace (c) WJ15 4x+ Jessie Martin, Sophia Waddington, Imogen King, Alix Frankenberger - Ottilie Marton (c) WJ15 4+ Liveen Dosanjh, Alia Walsh, Sophie Bate, Calla Spires - Megan Rees (c) J15 4+ (BRONZE) - Freddy Plunkett, Ben Cloke, Rufus Tarayan-Bibbs, Liam Bryan - Max Tarayan-Bibbs (c) W.Champ 2x (1) - Evelyna Davies, Lottie Tiller W.Champ 2x (2) - Jessica Bullard, Emer Fonntanaz J.1st 4+ - Matt Cramp, Will Brook, Harry Harry-Bagnall, Jordan Phelan - Max Tarayan-Bibbs (c) WJ16 4+ (GOLD) - Emma Quin, Hannah Medcalf, Beth Shelton, Amber Harwood - Izzy Conder (c) WJ16 2- (SILVER) - Emma Quin, Amber Harwood WJ16 2- (BRONZE) - Beth Shelton, Hannah Medcalf