British University Championships

Kingston Rowing Club works closely with Kingston University to provide their students with the opportunity to row. These athletes then represent Kingston University at all BUCS events.

With regatta season well on the way, over sunny May bank holiday (5th-7th), the clubs student crew headed up to Nottingham water sports centre to compete at one of the biggest university rowing competitions in Europe, BUCS regatta. Clubs from all over the country attend this event, some of which include Oxford Brookes and Newcastle University.

The majority of our students that attended are complete beginners and have only been rowing since the start of October 2017. This would have been their first racing experience (as sadly Kingston Head could not go ahead) and on my behalf I can say they were all eager to get on the water to race.

This year, we were able to enter both beginner and intermediate boats, which included our fellow committee members, competing in the Mint4+, WInt2x, MIntL1x and Mint1x. All intermediates finished with their best row to date and the two single scullers made a final in their categories.

Topping the number of last years’ attendees, 19 beginners were entered. These included; MB8+, WB8+, 2 MB4x, 2 WB4x, 3 WB1x and 6 MB1x. The competition this year has most definitely stepped up, but nearly all of our rowers achieved a final with both our top quads managing to come 2nd and 3rd in their C finals.

A big well done to this years students. It was a wonderful weekend spent racing our best efforts in beautiful sunny conditions. Another year gone, but the one piece tan lines will keep the memories alive for a while. I can happily say BUCS was a great first experience for our beginners and we are ready for the rest of the season.