Veteran's HOR4s

The B4x (with Ian Hanley as a very late substitute for the injured Justin bravely taking the stroke seat) started 4th and set off at a decent clip. The race photos clearly show where we can make improvements, but despite the less than perfect technique they finished 50th overall (8th in Vet C) and were in high spirits in the Thames bar afterwards. (Ian, Syed, Boh and Tom)

The D4x will have heads the size of hot air balloons after seeing their race photos. They actually look like a pretty decent crew. Lovely straight arms, guys!! They finished 74th overall, 7th in Vet D 4x. (Tim S, Tim P, Ed and Greg). They were also grinning in the Thames bar. General consensus is that if they raise the rate 4 pips they might be in the real mix. It looks like it might be a good season ahead.

All credit to the boys, not only did they trail the boats back, rather than stay and enjoy the beer so that the senior men could reload for their race the following day, but they rigged up the both quads for others to use on Sunday morning before going home. That’s the way, chaps. Well done!

We did have success with a win for Birgith in the WF4x, racing in an ‘on the day scratch crew’ of KRC, Barnes Bridge, Durham and Loch Lomond in a quad, kindly lent by Pauline Rayner from Thames.