Easter Junior Learn2Row

We are pleased to announce an Easter Junior 'Learn To Row' course

This popular course will be held from the 9th April - 13th April 2018.

These are stand-alone one week school holiday courses running Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 16.00 pm each day and covering all the basics of rowing including:

- Introduction to the Boathouse

- Introduction to the rowing stroke on the indoor rowing machine or "ergo"

- Introduction to the equipment used - parts of the boat and oars

- How to get into and out of the boat

- Water safety / confidence drills / capsize drill

- Building rowing strokes in the boat on the water

- Rowing in time together as a whole crew

- Fine tuning blade work, power application, balance and teamwork

- These courses are aimed at those with no previous rowing experience and are open to juniors over the age of 11 who are able to swim competently.

- The coaching team for this course will be headed by Course Leader Chris Griffiths. All K.R.C. coaches are C.R.B. checked and British Rowing - qualified.

The total cost for the course will be £250

Please note that Junior Squad vacancies are normally very limited and there is no automatic progression to the Junior Squad upon completion of these school holiday courses but where possible we do try to accommodate juniors, who are interested in joining, where we have particular gaps within the squad age / sex distribution with preference given in the first instance to younger age groups.

If you are interested in attending this course please e-mail the Junior Coordinator including the following specific information

Junior's Name:



Date of Birth:


These courses are always popular and oversubscribed.