Kingston Amateur Regatta

For the first time in rather a long while, Kingston Rowing Club came away from their home regatta with the Victor Ludorum Trophy. Cambridge University have dominated this competition for the past few years, but thanks to our strong club performance, Captain Danny O'Dowd was able to walk back to the club with the 3 Pint Tankard Trophy in his hand, which I've heard he made good use of at the summer party later that night. Congratulations to all of our crews, who in total made 13 finals, resulting in 10 wins, including both of the prestigious Diamond Jubilee Sprints Trophies.

Winning Crews:

SEN.8+ and Men's Diamond Jubilee: George, Nick, Pete, Matt, Greg, Craig, Sam, Simon & Zara (c)

W.IM2.8+ and Women's Diamond Jubilee: Kakay, Caroline, Kirsty, Henriette, Emma, Olivia, Lene, Deryn & our two coxes, Rachel & Sarah

NOV.4+: George, Craig, Greg, Nick & Zara (c)

W.NOV.4+: Halli, Hannah, Emma, Amber & Leah (c)

W.NOV.2x: Evelyna & Beth

W.Mas.BC.2x: Williams & Rudenko