Henley Royal Regatta 2017 - Thursday

After their victory over Molesey yesterday, the Thames Cup Eight were ready for their next competitors, Remenham rivals, Thames R.C. Both crews knew that it was going to be a tough race, and you could sense the nervousness at the start. Thames went out hard and fast, opening up a sizeable lead by the end of the island, but the Kingston crew stayed calm and focused and started to inch back coming past Fawley. Coming past Remenham, the noise was incredible, and the Kingston crew made full use of the support and again started coming back at Thames. At the Mile signal, Kingston was still down around 2/3 of a length, but made a huge step on coming into the enclosures. The Thames crew had absolutely nothing left in the tank after their ferocious start, and were doing their best to hold off the Kingston surge. Coming in past the progress board, the gap was down to 1/2 a length, and over the finish Thames just hung on by 1/3 of a length. An excellent race, which got featured later as one of the races of the day on the HRR YouTube Channel. While the boys were disappointed not to have made Friday, they know their future is bright, and we wish Thames all the best for the rest of the regatta.

The Britannia crew were up shortly after, in the last race of the day. NSR Oslo, a crew from Norway, were always likely to be tough competition. Losing finalists last year in the Thames Cup, we knew they were going to be strong and despite Kingston going into the regatta as a selected crew, the boys weren't taking anything for granted. As the sun began to set, the race got underway, with Kingston taking an early lead. However the Oslo crew quickly reacted, and the crews were level again just after the barrier. Exchanging blow after blow between Fawley and Remenham, the Oslo crew finally started to gain a slight advantage. Clinging on, Kingston went for one last surge of power, coming into the Grandstand, but the Oslo crew were just too strong, and held on to 1/2 a length as they crossed the line. A real shame to not see Kingston make it through to Friday, especially after the excellent season they had. We wish NSR Oslo the very best for the rest of the regatta, and they are definitely our favourites to take the win, come Sunday.

So thats the end of the racing for Kingston RC this year at HRR. Lets now celebrate the fantastic all of our crews have had this year, by wearing your red on Scarlet Saturday this weekend at Remenham.