Henley Royal Regatta 2017 - Qualifying Races

With our Britannia and Thames Cup 'A' crew pre-qualified, it was just up to the 'B' crew and our Remenham eight to prove they were worthy of joining them in the regatta-proper.

First up were the girls in the Remenham Challenge Cup, racing in a strengthened boat, with a few members of the Henley Women's Quad joining the girls in the eight. The girls raced hard, but unfortunately failed to qualify. It was, however, fantastic to see the girls close many of the gaps that existed at Henley Women's Regatta. In their first year with Ian South as coach, it is great to see the girls making such huge steps, and we hope they will return next year and go that step further.

Next up were the boys in the Thames Cup eight. In a crew built up of mainly those in their first year racing outside of the novice system, for many it was their first race between the booms, a daunting prospect even for the most experienced oarsman. The boys dealt with the pressure well and did their best completing the job at hand, but however just fell short of the qualifying mark. With the crew being so young, there is no doubt that they will be back next year to turn that result around and race in the main event.

This leaves just our Britannia and Thames Cup crews in the main regatta, with the Thames Cup boys kicking it off on Wednesday, and the Britannia crew racing on Thursday. Please ensure you give them that famous 'Remenham Roar'.