After their victory over Molesey yesterday, the Thames Cup Eight were ready for their next competitors, Remenham rivals, Thames R.C. Both crews knew that it was going to be a tough race, and you could sense the nervousness at the start. Thames went out hard and fast, opening up a sizeable lead by the end of the island, but the Kingston crew stayed calm and focused and started to inch back coming past Fawley. Coming past Remenham, the noise was incredible, and the Kingston crew made full use of the support and again started coming back at Thames. At the Mile signal, Kingston was still down around 2/3 of a length, but made a huge step on coming into the enclosures. The Thames crew had absolutely nothing left in the tank after their ferocious...

 After prequalifying for the Thames, the boys were well rested for their first race against local rivals, Molesey. Winners of the event last year, the pressure was well and truly on, but Kingston were ready. After a fast start, the Kingston crew took about a canvas at the end of the island, and with Adele Hing driving them on, the crew started to make use of their advantage, and open the gap. Coming past Remenham, we had opened up a lead of around 3/4 of a length, and from there, Kingston opened up their lead a little more through to the finish. Kingston won over Molesey B.C. by 1 length.


Our confirmed line ups for HRR this year:

The Britannia Challenge Cup

B. John Keen-Tomlinson

2. John Ciccarelli

3. Andrew Bedford

S. Mark Roberts

C. Adele Hing

racing NSR Oslo on Thursday

The Thames Challenge Cup

B. Jonty Webber

2. Peter Wales

3. Ben Handy

4. Sam Tunbridge

5. Cameron Spurling

6. Hal Bedford-Payne

7. Nick Pepper

S. George Fellows

C. Adele Hing

racing Molesey B.C. on Wednesday

Good luck to all of our crews!

After last year's hiatus, Richmond Regatta was back and wetter than ever, as the high tide rolled in and sent the entire regatta under water. The club had a successful day with 10 crews in finals, culminating in 6 wins:

WJ15 4x+ ~ Tilde, Evelyna, Mahika, Hope & Sian

WJ14 4x+ ~ Jessie, Sophia, Alix, Ella & Ottilie

J16 2x ~ Harry & Jordan

WJ17 1x ~ Hannah

J16 1x ~ Will

WJ15 1x ~ Evelyna

With our Britannia and Thames Cup 'A' crew pre-qualified, it was just up to the 'B' crew and our Remenham eight to prove they were worthy of joining them in the regatta-proper.

First up were the girls in the Remenham Challenge Cup, racing in a strengthened boat, with a few members of the Henley Women's Quad joining the girls in the eight. The girls raced hard, but unfortunately failed to qualify. It was, however, fantastic to see the girls close many of the gaps that existed at Henley Women's Regatta. In their first year with Ian South as coach, it is great to see the girls making such huge steps, and we hope they will return next year and go that step further.

Next up were the boys in the Thames Cup eight. In a crew built up of mainly those...

Thames Valley Park Regatta, based just below the Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake, is one of the main junior regattas of the year, with competition being notoriously tough and racing very tight. KRC came away from the regatta with a total of 5 finals, culminating in 3 excellent wins: 

WJ14 8x+ ~ Tallulah, Scarlet, Calla, Imo, Alia, Emma, Charlotte, Liveen & Ottilie

WJ15 4+ ~ Amber, Emma, Hannah, Halli & Leah

WJ13 4x+ ~ Annalisa, Olivia, Safia, Eva & Issy

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