The J13 and J15 squads raced at Thames Valley Park this year, based just outside of Reading, tucked in opposite the Redgrave-Pinsent Lake. With 3 octos racing, and even more small boats, it was one of the largest entries we've ever put in for these squads. For those who have never been, TVP is the same weekend as Marlow, and so attracts a large junior entry from J13-J15 from most of the top schools and clubs in the Thames area. Over 500m, upstream, its a proper splash and dash, but run to an excellent standard, with no umpires launches and all officiating taking place on towers placed along the course. 

We picked up 2 wins, in the WJ15 2x (above) and WJ13 4x+. The WJ15 2x had a breezy ride into the final, dominating off the start in each rac...


The senior men are now into the heart of their racing season. So far we have raced at Wallingford (at Dorney), Ghent and the Met (at Dorney). Next up is Marlow (at Dorney) and Henley Royal Regatta. The results have been encouraging and probably the best that the men have had at this stage of the season for quite a while. It is worth stating that conditions for both Wallingford and the Met were perfect. Absolutely fair and very benign. I’ve probably just jinxed Marlow!

As an opener Wallingford showed that we have decent potential and have a good solid squad. Geir Suursild finished 4th in elite singles and our B 4+ won their heat in championship 4+ and raced really well in a close and well contested final. The crew w...

Daniel O'Dowd, Captain of Kingston Rowing Club, formally invites all members and friends of Kingston Rowing Club to the boat naming ceremony of our new Senior Men's 1st VIII and Junior Women's IV+. The Captain has chosen to name these boats after two members of the club who have been an integral support to him throughout his captaincy, Dermod Sweeney and Chris Griffiths. The ceremony will start at midday, on the green alongside KRC. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

This year saw our most successful Nat Schools in over a decade. We are so proud of every single one of our juniors that competed at such a top level national event. Apart from HWR or HRR, this is the hardest and most competitive junior regatta in the country, and is the highlight of many junior calendars. 

On the Friday, we had 7 crews competing over just 1k. 2 J14 4x+, 2 WJ14 4x+, a WJ15 4+, a WJ15 4x+ and a J15 4+ (full crew lists below). This year all J14 events were run as a time trial with finals being sorted post TT. Our WJ14 boats came 11th and 22nd, placing them in the B & D finals. They came 5th in the B final and 4th in the D final. The 2 J14 boats came 11th and 17th in their TT placing them in the B and C finals coming 2nd in th...

Kingston Rowing Club took a small section of the Senior Men's Squad out to Ghent International this weekend. After a successful weekend, we picked up a medal of each colour (M4+ Bronze Sat, M1x Silver Sat, M1x Gold Sun). A fantastic weekend and a massive well done to our Senior Men. #TopGeir 


Kingston Rowing Club works closely with Kingston University to provide their students with the opportunity to row. These athletes then represent Kingston University at all BUCS events.

With regatta season well on the way, over sunny May bank holiday (5th-7th), the clubs student crew headed up to Nottingham water sports centre to compete at one of the biggest university rowing competitions in Europe, BUCS regatta. Clubs from all over the country attend this event, some of which include Oxford Brookes and Newcastle University.

The majority of our students that attended are complete beginners and have only been rowing since the start of October 2017. This would have been their first racing experience (as sadly Kingston Head could not go ahead) a...

KRC took our biggest entry to Wallingford for the past few decades as a total of 15 boats represent KRC at the regatta last weekend. We took a total of 1 win, and 6 crews making the A final. Our winners were the WJ16 4+, who continue their unbeaten run in this boat since the National Schools' Regatta last year. Other top results included Ch 1x, Geir, who placed 5th in a highly competitive field. Special mentions also to our Ch 4+ (B) who made the A final over the Ch 4+ A, as well as our WCh 4- who also made the A final. A good weekend for the whole club.

We had 6 crews racing at the Scullery. Some good results all round, especially considering this was the first 2k race for all but one of our crews.

J14 4x+ - We had two crews in this event. One boat made the A Final and the other the B final. The A final boat finished 3rd and picked up the bronze, with the B final boat finishing 2nd, placing 8th overall.

WJ15 4x+ - Just the one crew in this event. Looking to improve on their JIRR result, the girls had an excellent time trial, but unfortunately made an error in the final and missed out on the bronze by 2 seconds. Lessons learnt, time to move on to NSR.

WJ17 2x - Also just one crew in this event. Our WJ17s had a good time trial and placed 5th. This was the result they held onto in the A final. A...

KRC took a handful of crews to Chiswick Regatta for the bank holiday weekend, with the rest of the squads racing at the Scullery and Wallingford. We were thrilled to come back with two wins in J14 and WJ14 2x. Well done to Ben Stanchev, Joey Sparks, Yasemine Cheng and Hannah Webb. Thank you also to Dave White of Tiffin RC for towing our boats their.

On Saturday 21st April, 3 KRC crews ventured to Nottingham to represent Thames London in the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta. The club had great performances all round.

Our WJ16s continued their winning form, however this time in the coxless four. After qualifying 2nd fastest for the final, they went on to win gold by half a length over Lea RC (Eastern Region), despite some creative steering, exploring all sides of their lane, and a little of the lanes either side... 

Our WJ15s were hoping to match last years performance in the WJ14 2x, where they won gold. After placing joint 4th at the Scullery just over a month prior, they knew some work would have to be done to get up into the medals. After qualifying 3rd for the final, the 4x+ went on to m...

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