Boat Storage and Racking policy

Private Boat Storage and Racking at Kingston Rowing Club

Storage and racking of private boats at Kingston Rowing Club (KRC) is only available to full members and life members.

The member making the application must be the boat owner or have the permission of the boat owner and be able to show proof of this permission. To simplify the text within this document the member will be referred to as the boat owner, but the same rules will apply to a member who is storing a boat with the permission of the boat owner.

All applications must be made to the Captain as the point of contact for the Executive Committee (ExComm). The Captain shall then provide a recommendation to the ExComm.

If boat storage and racking is approved the following applies:

  1. The specific rack (i.e., internal or external) for the boat shall be agreed with the Captain*

  2. The charge for all single sculling boat racks will agreed each year by the ExComm as part of the annual subscriptions review, in line with the current standard practice.

  3. The charge for all other boat types will be decided and agreed by the EXComm on a case by case basis by considering the overall benefit/burden to KRC and will be reviewed annually.

  4. The boat owner shall provide proof of adequate insurance cover to the ExComm

  5. The boat owner can arrange this insurance separately or apply to have the boat covered as part of the KRC Fleet Insurance.

  6. The cost of insurance (whether arranged separately or through KRC) shall be covered by the boat owner unless agreed by the ExComm that it is in the best interests of KRC to cover the cost.

  7. Whilst stored and racked at KRC the use of the boat is restricted to KRC members unless a special arrangement for the non-member(s) has been agreed with the Captain and the ExComm.

  8. All boats must display an up to date Environment Agency (EA) Licence for use on the Thames. This can be bought through KRC and a KRC EA Licence Number will be provided for display on the boat.

  9. The boat owner must ensure that the boat has an EA Licence and cover the cost unless it is agreed by the ExComm that it is in the best interests of KRC to cover the cost.

  10. To minimise the risk that a boat name might cause offence to other members or damage KRC’s reputation, the boat owner must seek approval of the name from the ExComm.

  11. Approval of a boat name by the ExComm shall be in alignment with the club values and approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

  12. The boat storage and racking agreement will be subject to annual review when the ExComm will have the option to approve for a further twelve months or terminate the agreement.

  13. If the boat owner defaults on fees and does not respond for a period exceeding six months to correspondence from the KRC ExComm with respect to paying the fee the boat will be considered abandoned.

  14. If a boat is abandoned at KRC then the ExComm may take steps to either include the boat as part of the club fleet or dispose of the boat through a sale or other means.


* Agreement is different to managing the rack, collecting and recording fees paid. Fees are paid and collected through the KRC online system and the boat owner will be given a notice of when and how to pay. Management of the racks and recording of fees paid is done by an EXComm appointed member - currently Andrew Martin in 2020/2021.