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Kingston Rowing Club is one of the world's oldest and most successful amateur rowing clubs. Based on the Thames between Kingston Bridge and Teddington Lock, KRC rowers enjoy one of the longest and calmest stretches of rowing water in the UK. The club caters for all levels, demonstrated by both a thriving Novice Squad and social events calendar, through to medalists in recent Olympic Games. KRC is the ideal venue for the typical club rower aspiring for success at National events such as Henley Royal Regatta and the British Rowing Championships.
The club also has a growing Junior Squad, aimed at introducing younger rowers to the sport, helping to foster competitive junior athletes and maybe create the Olympians of years to come. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or already an experienced rower, our aim is to provide you with the support, equipment and coaching you need to achieve your goals.

Veteran Section Update Sept 2008

As you may well know, the weather Gods destroyed the Veteran Eights Head. Our all Kingston Vet A girls got as far as to put the boat on the water before the whole thing was cancelled, whilst the Vet E girls were still gossiping with their Czech, Canadian, Norwegian and Dutch crew members. So no chance to try the nice new Janousec eight, kindly lent by Tiffin, only a swig of beer in Vesta.

So we went back to training.
What did the veterans get up to over the summer? Apart from enjoying a typical English summer, learning how to deal with blustery winds and copious amounts of soaked rowing kit?
Well, Rob Thompson was awarded a hard fought for place in the Thames Cup Eight and so had the pleasure of rowing at HRR on the Thursday, having destroyed their early opposition. Not bad for a Vet C oarsman.
Both Helen and Anna managed to destroy their bodies under Ian's harsh regime and sadly missed out on the main racing. They put in a token appearance at Richmond Regatta in the 2-, destined for Women's Henley, only to come home with more wet kit. (!!)
Sadly their injuries didn't allow for racing at WHR despite a good show at the Henley Trials at KRC.
The slightly more mature birds, Carol and Birgith won the Veteran Nationals in the 2x with some ease, despite having trained solely in the 2-. A quick rigging change saw them second in the 2-. (Again!) Maybe we should train in the 2x??
Andy Tompkins, with Rob in the first eight, was having to mix it with Walbrook across the river, but did win a fine Gold at Henley Veterans in the Vet D 4- rowing in KRC colours, and a close second in Vet D 8s at the Veteran nationals.
Ray was saving himself for the Masters in Trakai, and Andy Kapica did his best to pace the girls in his single to make sure they always came off the water absolutely knackered. He really is a tough old goat. You would have thought by now he would have learned how to give in!
As for Dermod Sweeney....well!
He only went and did an ‘Iron Man Triathlon'.
Is he not aware that his birth certificate labels him as a 62 year old?
2.8 miles swim, 112 miles on a bike followed by a full marathon running. I ask you.? With 1600 participants of all ages, he came in the mid 1100's , 7th in his age group. We do breed them tough at KRC. Well done Dermod.- Now get back in a boat!


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