About the Novice Squad at KRC

Novices are either beginners, or more experienced rowers who have yet to win a competitive race. Beginners are usually taken from their first strokes in a rowing boat, to winning at local regattas in their first year at Kingston. If you have some rowing experience already you may be capable of joining in with the senior or veteran squad rowers depending on your experience. 

KRC currently has a thriving Novice section.  We are extremely lucky in having an excellent coach who has an enviable track record of producing winning crews. Although the main focus for the members is to learn to row and ultimately compete at regattas, there is also a very social side to the crew.  Ask any novice and they will say they joined the club to learn to row, get fit (and believe us, you will have never been fitter!) and to meet new people.

We welcome all new members whether you have rowed before and feeling rusty, dabbled once or twice, or never stepped in a boat before.  The coaching is first rate and the club is very supportive of its Novices.  Seniors are always happy to give a helping hand and useful tips. We row either in 4's or 8's and can be seen on the Thames evenings and weekends. For those wanting to progress to bigger and better things, we will train you to a level where you can join KRC Senior Squad, which has an outstanding reputation at National and International level, within 12 months. 

So join this club there really is no limit as to how far you can go. If you are interested in joining the Novices (we are looking to build on both men's and ladies' teams), please download and complete a Membership Application form and come down to KRC on 22 August where your journey will begin. Prior to turning to turning up for your first training outing, please ensure you have downloaded and filled in a Membership Application form. Check out the Join Rowing section for more details. In the meantime to give you a taster of KRC Novice success have a look at the latest Novice news.

If you are compact and confident and want to get involved in a unique sport and be an essential team member - Coxswains are a vital part of any rowing club and KRC are looking to recruit, at any level from complete beginner to experienced old hands. Please send an email to Coxswains for more details.

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