Gundula Hennig – Cycling Across the USA to Help Outsmart Brain Cancer

Many of you will know Gundula Hennig who stroked the highly successful KRC women’s lightweight four in 2000 and 2001.

Gundula stroked the Cambridge lightweight boat race crew in 1998 and 1999 – also in the crew were Ceri Jones and Ruth Jenkins and in the Oxford crew was Michelle Dollimore. These four women came together at KRC in 2000 to win Nat Champs 4- and Women’s Henley also 4-. In 2001 Nat Champs they won 4- again and took silver in the 4x. In this period, they also won gold in the Home International Regatta in the 4- and slipped into the English eight also winning gold.

The fours training programme at KRC involved cycling and this launched Gundula into a new sporting career on two wheels. She has ridden the Etape du Tour (de France) five times each time finishing in the top 20% - of both men and women. In 2006 she was the third fastest women, an astonishing achievement, following on from her 2nd place in the 2005 Giant Tour of Germany, a 7 day stage race.

This not being quite enough, Gundula ran 3hours 19min in the 2008 New York marathon. Anyone familiar with marathon running will know that this is an exceptionally fast time for both men and women!

You can follow this intrepid pair, plus Anne's dog Walter,through The starting gun fires on 9 April in San Francisco and they are planning to arrive in Washington DC in June or July – depending on prevailing winds! On the way they will be visiting, and no doubt inspiring, people who are affected directly or indirectly by brain cancer. You can become a Facebook fan of Brains on Bikes and get regular updates on the journey.

Hopefully you will be sufficiently inspired by this story to make a donation to cancer research through the website. Gundula is still a member of KRC and a keen follower of its fortunes!

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