St Georges Day Leviathan Outing

1: Leviathan St. George's Day Outing Report - Sunday 23rd April .
The slightly reduced number arrived at the Boathouse to be greeted by steely grey skies... 1: Leviathan St. George's Day Outing Report - Sunday 23rd April .
The slightly reduced number arrived at the Boathouse to be greeted by steely grey skies and a light wind blown drizzle although LURCH Ayling boldly adopting a weather predicting posture announced not to worrry the sun will break through !!! That was enough in GUS's absence for LURCH to nbe made crew organiser of the day, and he set about nominating
crew seats and equipment. For the day the eights were to be called ST. GEORGE and THE DRAGON, but unfortunately although we had managed to provide 2 eights for the last
three Leviaythan sessions, due to the onset mainly of regattas, and the drinking season,
our numbers were sklightly reduced. So the double scull became THE DRAGON. As their technique was likened to a Dragon Boat this actually seemed a fair choice. Duly nominated
the various boats hit the water as provided below:-

EIGHT St. George - Cox: SHOULDERS Wibberley, Stroke: BARELEAU Barclay, BOOTS Brunt, BARELEAU Barclay, 7: MASTER Bate, 6: BOOTS Brunt, 5: LURCH Ayling, 4: ATILLA Ayling,
3: TAFF Allen, 2: MANGE Godrich, Bow DOC Steer

DOUBLE SCULL The Dragon - HORATIO Nelson, ROSS Perou

Confirmed not available: SOOTY Biddulph, STICK West, (Both on duty at Notts
City Regatta),BUSTER Gellett (Prior Engagement), QUACKERS White (Training Camp with schoolboys in Varese, N.Italy), Di GAIT, Gus GAIT,(Both away on late Easter break Espanoal), RAMBO Lewis. GOZ Gostling (Alternate choice of piss-up took priority). PATS Fallon (Priority
All-Day make-up trowelling necessary for meal date in city), DAN Dare, LEIF the Brief
(Coaching Children on River - although turned up as a groupie).

The DRAGON DOUBLE - HORATIO and ROSS, probably motivated by tjhoughts of provided
200 Club refreshments after the outing's conclusion, were first to get afloat and head
upstream. SHOULDERS managed to get the eight organised, BARELEAU re-living former
glories in the stroke-seat, was joined by a former crew mate TAFF Allen. A Leviathan
"first-timer" who rowed with the same Merchant Navy eight with BARELEAU and "The
VAMP" in the 1969 season. He pulled his scarlet blade during the late 60's early 70's.
Any daydreams of former glories that BARELEAU may have been having were brought
crashing down as the eight moved off. MASTER Bate, promoted from his usual bow-area
position liaising with our lady members, was installed by LURCH at 7, and proceeded to
give several demonstrations of a rowing version of a Jenson Button off the grid starting
attempt. To you and me more commonly known as an air-shot which caused a minor
guffaw from all the rest of the crew, except the rapdly being brought back to reality

BARELEAU and SHOULDERS had asked the crew on what level they wished the outing
to be work-wise. To make visualisation easier, and thespian that he is, SHOULDERS gave
the option of erring more towards the GUS Gait area of work or the more leisurely and
laid-back style of GOZ Gostling. After a brief pause, and advice from THE DOC, (rowing
at bow this time so able to provide the boat with wonderful balance with the
commendable Steer technique) - it was decided that the work level would sit
somewhere between these two stars of the Scarlet rowing firmament.

SHOULDERS then moved the eight off, rapidly getting the whole crew involved, in
what was a brisk paddle up to the first "breathing" pause above Kingston Bridge. For
the rest of the upstream journey technical exercises were combined with 10 and 20
stroke bursts of half and three quarter pressure and light paddling. The lack of sun
was reminded to LURCH by the crew as they passed by the budding greenness that
is the Thames riverbank at this time of the year, and even in the grey of this St.
George's day beckoned summer outings to come.

At Dittons, the DRAGON Double and ST GEORGE eight crossed over, the double not
looking too bad at all and pushing along, fortunately missing a THames Cruiser making
its way upstream. The eight turned at Hampton Court Bridge and after a brief chat,
and further lack of co-ordination from MASTER Bate the return programme of 5 x 30
strokes at 3/4 pressure was agreed upon.

Although a grey day, river users were frequent, many like LURCH had predicted bright
sunshine (based on the day before) and like the Leviathans had decided to press on
come what may. Washes were plenty and ast Ravens Ait the eight met JONESEY
battling to stay afloat in his single among the criss cross of three simultaneous washes.
The eight finished their return trip with a flourish infront of the clubhouse, then light
paddle back into the raft. All had survived once more, after putting the equipment
back, and the fun of sharing the showers the group repaired to the confines of the
De-Brief Room and the free beer that awaited. Joined by our two "groupies" LEIF
THE BRIEF and BOB HOPE we managed to put a dent in the £50 contribution before
making our ways home to a varietys of Sunday lunches. Until the next time ........

2: Leviathan MAY Outing - Sunday 14th May 10.00 for 1030am boating.
We would like to get two eights afloat again for our Early Summer outing. We will
aim to keep to the previous format of a fitter crew and leisurely crew if that is what
is required by those attending. Start sending your confirmmations to me from now.
Advanced news for June Outing - 11 is the likely date.

3: Leviathan Mid-Week Outings:
Following my previous sending, messrs, LURCH & ATILLA Ayling, ROSS Perou
and BOOTS Brunt turned up on Tuesday 25 April for a row in a 4- accompanied
by BOB Hope in his paddler, only to find the boat used by the Leviathan Group
last season had been sold by the captain last summer. No heavyweight boat was
available - so they all ergoed (keen buggers!!) before going off for a curry, where
BOB Hope found some old Salopians. RAMBO Lewis came to the rescue and if
volunteers can be found, the Aylings four currently rigged as a quad, and home to
a nesting family of birds will be re-rigged as a 4- for next week.

I will re-send the contact list tomorrow (Friday) - it currently looks as though Tuesday
and the traditional Veterans (and bar ) Thursday evening are the two most popular
choices. Anone who wishes to go for one or both of these nights should send their confirmation to me over a weekend (vital for Tuesday) and copy it to RAMBO too. Contact me at the above email, RAMBO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Next week Ray MARAUDER Merrall will be running another quiz at KRC on Friday
5 May. Start time is 7.30. Food (Igor is chef for the night) and is included in the
entry price. Please bring a prize for the raffle to help to raise a bit of cash for the club.
Thanks Ray Marauder Merrall. Contact Ray at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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