Dear All,

Apologies for the delay in sending your Festive missive. Busy with the arrangements
for the little Chestons and her good self - the Jailer.

Your final 2005 report covering the December "Atilla's" FESTIVE GLUWEIN OUTING is below. Attached are a sampling of photos from the post outing de-brief and some from a Vets Boyz Nite attended by many Leviathans.

"Queenie" has confirmed that he and the lovely Sylvie will host our 2nd Anniversary Luncheon
at the Clubhouse following a "lengthy de-brief" after the January outing. Full details are
provided below, including booking.

Have a great one and all the best to all Leviathans for a safe, healthy, wealthy year to you and yours in 2006.

Read on Cheston

1: Leviathan Outing - Sunday December 11th - (ATTILA'S GLUWEIN & CHRISTMAS PUDDING EIGHTS) 
EIGHT: (Wooden Empacher) Cox "Sooty" Biddulph, Stroke: "Horatio" Nelson, 7: "Gus" Gait, 6: "Atilla" Ayling, 5: "Lurch" Ayling, 4: "Boots" Brunt, 3: "Rambo" Lewis, 2: "Stick" West, Bow: Peter Lander
COXLESS FOUR: Stroke: "Quackers" White, 3: "Barelieu" Barclay, 2: "Di" Gait, Bow: "Ross" Perou.
DOUBLE SCULL: (Boated Earlier (Party To Go To) - Bow: Tessa Miller, Stroke: Lesley "Legs" Dunlop
TRAVELLING SUPPORTERS: "The Doc" Steer, "Jock" Martin, "RR" Rowland (Better Late Than Never)

 A bright, icy morning greeted our intrepid band of Leviathans for the final sortie up and down the Thames in 2005.  Boating took a little longer than normal, but sadly "Weasel" wasn't able to take advantage of that.  The prospects for two eights had looked good during the week, but sickness, over-embibing and festive injuries combined to reduce the number to an eight anf four boating together. 

As "Lurch" nearly managed to ice skate his way into the 5-seat, everone took care in the icy ground conditions. "Sooty" got the eight warming up. "Horatio" Nelson, returning from injury was placed at stroke, that with "Gus" and "Rambo" onboard must mean another new chapter in the Queenie Book of Coarse Rowing Coaching.  Still the plucky fellow stayed with it nearly the whole way.

A bit of lengthy half pressure pieces upstream got the crew to Dittons Bend with the 4- some way ahead ("Quackers" was relishing his rare go in the stroke seat).  A 3/4 pressure 10-20-30-20-10 pyramid concluded the warm-up and the two boats met up at Hampton Court to work together on the way back.   After agreeing to some "short" work side-by-sideish on the return journey, the first piece (1000m full pressure) must have come as a bit of a shock to "Horatio".  Another chapter of the "Queenie" Coaching Manual posted, - never tell the stroke the real work!

As the pieces were reeled off, the 4-, starting clear water off was off at a gallop, over-rating the 8+, but "Quackers" and "Barelieu" combing as a duo in the stern and supported well by "Ross" and "Di" in the stern.  No other river users suffered during the battles - "Horatio" gamely hanging on for the last piece down the club reach.

The planned "Gluwein" reception was delayed until the Leviathans had reached the comparative safety of the de-brief room. Then "Atilla's" cauldron of gluwein was well received as the attached photos show.   A lengthy "de-brief" resulted (as usual), and the group were joined by Mr and Mrs "Doc" Steer who are shortly off to spend the cold season "down-under" with some distant relatives on the beach - "Wacko the Diddle-Oh Gabe Mate!"  "RR" finally appeared when most had left, this being the period that "RR" normally hibernates.

2: Leviathan Outing - Sunday January 15th - NEW YEAR & 2ND ANNIVERSARY OUTING & LUNCHEON - 10.00 for 1030am prompt
Our 2nd Anniversary will combine with a celebratory Luncheon follwing a de-brief in the De-Briefing Room post outing as usual.  Names for outing to me as usual. Please send food bookings directly to "Queen" our President, Food Consultant and Chef of the Year before Wednesday 12th January. Details follow:

From the "Queen" - I can confirm that the lovely Silvia and of course my good self will be on hand on the 15th to serve a little celebratory luncheon. So as not to disappoint, we have in mind to offer a beef in wine with jacket potatoes, two of my most favourite things after ?rumpy-pumpy'! Sadly I have to settle more for the food these days.

Wine on that day will be courtesy of the Calais emporium and will be a saucy little French number. Estimated cost of the meal + wine + cheese ?8.00, so you could perhaps make a little bit for the boat-fund.

Early and short outing 10.30am to return by 11.30am ("Gus" and "Rambo" to note) and debriefing to commence 1200hrs SHARP. A few medicinal sherbets followed by lunch at 1.15pm. Should ensure a 90% turn-out, - look forward to it.

Wives, partners, live-in lovers, girl friends, boy friends, black, white, yellow, Gays, all welcome. Just let me know the numbers by Wednesday, 12th - email me with numbers
direct to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a great Xmas everyone - See you in January      Your President   - "The Queen"

3: LEVIATHAN Website - Should appear on the KRC website in the New Year - I will send you a missive when Leviathan returns on-line.

4: NEW YEARS DAY (Sunday January 1st 2006) - Vampire New Year's Scratch Eights - Work off the Turkey, Goose and general seasonal over indulgence with some quality scratch eights rowing accompanied by a seasonal gathering in the de-brief room.


L.U.R. Cheston-Porter
Hon., Secretary
LEVIATHAN Rowing Group
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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