Women's Squad 2015 Results

Pairs Head, October 2014

W Mas C/D/E 2- (KRC / TSS composite).

Kingston Small Boats Head,November 2014

W IM2 4x-

W IM2 2x

Teddington Head, November 2014

W Mas B/C 4+

W IM2 1x 

Kingston Head of the River, March 2015

W IM3 4+

Walton & Weybridge Regatta, June 2015

W Mas A/B 4x-

British Masters Rowing Championships, June 2015

W Mas A Champ 4x-

W Mas A Nov 1x

Richmond Regatta, June 2015

W Nov 1x

Kingston Regatta, July 2015

W Mas A/B 2x

W Mas A/B 1x

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