Henley Women's Regatta 2009

Kingston Women's Henley is on Fri19th, 20th and 21st June


The WL2X has a bye to their first racing at 11:44 Sun, then the Final at 14:50
Cheryl Gilliver and Emily Possnicker.
The WL4X is racing at 14:04 Sun, then the Final at 16:30
Cheryl Gilliver, Emily Possnicker, Mel Court-Smith and Laura Newton

Note. Kingston Rowing Club, Canada are also racing in the L2X and we could meet in the Final. Shouting for 'Kingston upon Thames' might be needed rather than the usual 'Kiiingstoooon'!

The Intermediate crews will no doubt be racing earlier (Fri/Sat) but the draw is not finalised as yet for them.

Women's Intermediate Club 4+
Gemma Etherington, Lisa Graham, Fabienne Miler, Helen Gadsden, and Heidi Anderson (cox).
Women's Intermediate Club 8+
Tara Lanigan, Marise Heyderych, Suzanne Timmis, Tamara Santiago, Lydia Stallion, Jen Griggs, Emma Lawrence, Kyle Goddard and Emily Watson (cox)

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