KRC Race Results

Hammersmith Head, 20 February 2016

Five crews raced at the Hammersmith Head on 20 February. 


IM1 8+ - 5th overall, won category
IM3 8+ - 10th overall, 3rd in category
MAS E 8+ - 61st overall, 4th in category
WNOV 8+ - 74th overall, 2nd in category
WJ14 8x+ - 108th overall, 1st in category (pictured)

Both senior men's crews had good races and had a good chance to experienced all the conditions the Tideway has to offer. It was great to have both crews come in the top 10 crews, especially a strong result for the 2nd 8+. The 1st 8+ had an encouraging result placing 8 seconds ahead of Molesey's IM1 8+.

The Junior girls, having come 6th at Hampton Head (after breaking a blade 200m from the finish!) were determined to come out fighting at Hammersmith Head. The crew stormed to the top of their category with a win of almost 1 minute ahead of the 2nd place crew from Emanuel. The girls are now in a confident place as they train hard to come out strong at National School's Regatta later in the year.

The days racing was invaluable for all crews in the run up to the Head of the River Race, Women's Head of the River and Vets Head of the River next month. 


hammersmith head wj148x win

Remenham Challenge, 19 December 2015

KRC fielded six 8's at the Remenham Challenge. Overall results:

Men's 1st 8, Intermediate, 5th
Junior Boys, Intermediate, 13th
Men's 2nd 8, Intermediate, 17th
Open Masters Men, 23rd
Masters Women, 32nd
Novice Women, 34th

The senior men's 8's both raced well maintaining good technique and pace. The 1st 8 placed 5th overall and 2nd in Intermediate, 17 seconds off the overall Elite Winners (Thames RC, containing a number of their 2015 winning HRR Thames Cup 8+ and a couple of full internationals on board). The 2nd 8, also racing as intermediate, placed 9th in the division. This was an encouraging overall performance for our young squad

Our junior boys were the only Junior Status crew entered, so they stepped up to race as Intermediate, against other clubs men's crews. They placed 7th out of 13 and had a solid performance in difficult conditions. The young athletes gained valuable experience of Tideway rowing and Captain and Coach Danny O'Dowd was very pleased with their result. 

The women's squad entered two crews and came away with excellent results. The masters crew came 2nd (of 3) and the Novices won (of 8) with some efficient rowing in the rough water.  (pictured below)

Winning crew: R. Kugele (str) / K. Halle / K. Warner / J. Dickman / A. Sims / M. Stalley / L. Long / H. Walmsley (Bow) / R. Brunning (cox)

remenham challenge novice win

Walton Small Boats Head, 12 December 2015

More red and white success with another three wins at Walton Small Boats Head. Racing started with perfect conditions, but the 3rd and 4th divisions were unfortunately cancelled due to winds gusting over 40mph, so not all our crews were able to compete. Our Juniors fielded a large team and won in the WJ17 2x category, plus an encouraging 3rd place in WJ16 1x (Beatrice Williams). The Senior Women  came away with 2 wins in WMasB 2x and WNov 2x, and 2nd place in WIM3 2X. Our WMasG 2x composite (Birgith Sims and Jackie Darling of BBL) raced time only (having scared away the competition!) but with handicap were the fastest Masters womens double by an impressive 18 seconds.  We also had representation from the masters men with two single scullers. KRC has now racked up 24 wins at racing so far in the 2015 season. 

Winning Crews:
WMasB 2x Caroline Willett / Sophie Faldo
WNov 2x Kakay Halle / Kirsty Warner
WJ17 2x Sophia Stiling / Louise Bate (pictured)
walton juniorw172x win

Teddington Head, 14 November 2015

KRC had a successful day's racing at a very wet and windy Teddington Head. The women's squad picked up four wins and the junior women gaining the fifth win of the day, whilst also subbing into one of the senior crews. We also had a number of very close second places with the WJ16 4x-, Mas F 1x and the IM3 8+ (pictured below) all narrowly missing out. The men's squad IM3 8+ had a good race, building experience from Kingston Small Boats Head and a great stepping stone for the main head season. The W IM3 4+ was also the fastest women's 4+ on the day.

Winning crews:

W IM3 4+ R. Kugele, Kakay Halle, O. Marshall, C. Willet and Jen Hughes (cox) (pictured below)
WNov 4x- J. Dickman, K. Warner, M. Stalley, M. Jackson
WIM2 2x E. Scruby, R. Brunning
WNov 1x M. Addis
WJ16 4+M. Jheeta, C. Oliver, U. McNicol, B. Williams, S. Cockle (cox)
 Teddington head Wim34 win
Womens winning IM3 Coxed Four

Strong Results at Fours Head, 7 November 2015

Two crews raced at the Fours Head of the River Race on Saturday 7 November. Both crews rowed well in very tough Tideway conditions.

IM1 4+, placed 52nd overall, (climbing 80 places from last year) and 4th in their category, behind Tideway Scullers, Leander and Molesey Boat Club, all having GB U23's, triallists and ex Blue Boat squad members in their crews. Our crew coped well in the rough water and had a strong race, maintaining speed well and overtaking half a dozen crews over the course. 

Our Jun4x, placed 83rd overall and 12th in a 40 strong field, climbing 17 places from last years result. The crew only rowed together a few days in advance of racing and pulled off a good result considering this.

Crew Lists:
IM1 4+: (pictured) Ben Handy, Hal Bedford Payne, John Ciccarelli, James Marsden, Adele Hing (cox)
Jun 4x: Harry Walker, George Fellows, Josh Burrows, Tristan BettyFoursHeadIM4 Senior men

Weybridge Silver Sculls, 17 October 2015

Another two wins for the club from the senior and masters women's squads along with some very strong results from the Juniors made for a successful day at Weybridge Silver Sculls. Our WMasA 2x won in a very close race, with a margin of only 1 second over Weybridge RC. Our WMas C 2x produced a much more comfortable win by 20 seconds. The Junior Squad achieved four very creditable 2nd places as well as another four crews in the top 10 of their event. These results are very encouraging for the Junior Squad for the upcoming season.

Full results are as follows:

Win (of 3) W Mas A 2x C Willett / R Kugele
Win (of 4) W Mas D 2x B Sims / C Willett

2nd (of 11) IM3 1x J Burrows
2nd (of 7) J14 2x M Hamdi / J Phelan
2nd (of 7) J14 1x J Phelan
2nd (of 3) W J14 1x A Harwood
7th (of 30) J18 1x J Burrows
7th (of 18) W J16 1x B Williams
9th= (of 17) W J14 2x T Palmer / S Curtis
9th= (of 17) W J14 2x L Howard / R Keri-Nagy
9th (of 10) Mas D 1x M Cook
12th (of 18) W J16 1x C Oliver
16th (of 18) W J16 1x C Scott
17th (of 18) W J16 1x M Jheeta
18th (of 24) W J17 1x N Paterson-Moody
19th= (of 26) J16 1x J Hare
19th (of 24) W J17 1x L Bate
20th (of 25) W J15 2x M Baker / R Mitchell
21st (of 26) J16 1x M Saccomani
21st (of 24) W J17 1x S Stiling
22nd (of 25) W J15 2x S Sullivan / F Marton

Success at the Pairs Head, 10th October 2015

We had three crews racing at the Pairs Head on Saturday 10th October. We came away with two wins and one 2nd place. 

Andrea Finn (KRC) won the Womens Senior 2- in a composite with Kate Grose (TSS) and were 0.33 seconds from being the fastest overall women's pair in the race. Birgith Sims (KRC) won the Womens Masters F/G 2x in a composite with Jackie Darling (BBL) by a very large margin, not needing the handicap to beat the F crews and were only 2 seconds slower than the winners of the E category. (With handicap applied they were the fastest women's double in the race). Andy Kapica (KRC) came a creditable second place in a composite with Dick Findlay (QBC) in the Masters G/H 2x, out of the nine crews in their category. Unfortunately our Senior 2- had to withdraw due to illness. 

Womens Pairs Head Win 2016

Andrea Finn (KRC) and Kate Grose (TSS) winning W Sen 2-

Wallingford Long Distance Sculls, 26 Sept 2015

KRC took a large contingent of the Junior Squad to race at Wallingford Long Distance Sculls over 4250m, as well as a Senior Womens double. For the first race of the season the weather was fantastic, with bright sunshine and clear skies as our scullers raced down the course. We recorded our first win for the season with the women's Masters 2x winning their category by a considerable margin. 

WMasD 2x - Win
J15 2x - 2nd 
J16 2x - 2nd
J14 1x - 2nd 
WJ14 4x+ 4th
WJ14 2x - 5th
WJ16 4x-  - 5th
WJ18 4x- - 5th
WJ18 2x - 11th
WJ16 1x - 24th
WJ13 4x+  unfortunately had no competition 

Our next race of the season is Weybridge Silver Sculls on Saturday 17th October. 

Kingston Small Boats Head, 31 October 2015

Kingston dominated the Small Boats Head with an impressive 12 wins and 7 second places. On a day with stunning conditions - flat, still water and bright sunshine - our rowers came out top with more wins than any other club. The success was spread throughout the squads, full results are listed below. A huge thank you needs to go out our team of volunteers who make this event possible.

Winning crews:
IM2 4x Head Crew R. Sharratt, A. Bedford, J. MacKinney, M. Zammit
IM1 4+ B. Handy, H. Bedford-Payne, J. Ciccarelli, J. Marsden, A. Hing (cox) (pictured below)
IM1 2- B. Handy, H. Bedford-Payne
IM3 1x J. Burrows
J18 2- T. Betty/J. Burrows
J15 1x M. Cramp
Mas D 4x- N. Bascombe, C. Worthington, T. Povey, M. Fellows
Mas E/F/G 2x A. Kapica/D. Finlay (QBC)
Mas F 1x A. Tompkins
Nov 4+ R. Kugele, K. Halle, A. Sims, H. Storen and J. Hughes (cox)
W Mas C/D/E 4x- B. Sims, J. Darling (BBL), C. Willett, H. Cook (MAA)
W MasF/G 2x B. Sims/J. Darling (BBL)
Many of the higher status events had little or no other competition so many of our senior men's crews raced time only. Our IM2 4x were Head Crew with a time of 17.26.  The Senior 4+ (T/O) clocked the 3rd fastest time in Division 2 and the IM1 4+ (T/O) clocked the 2nd fasted time in Division 1.
Kingston Small Boats 2015 im14 win

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