Sunday 15 January 2006

Hi All Leviathanites,

Well, we had enough bodies to put two eights on the water, and even more attended
the celebration de-brief and "scoff" following the return of the two crews.  Crew lists and Luncheon attendees provided below, photos of the outing and meal will be sent out in
emails to follow. A: The row, B: The grub, supplied by LURCH Ayling. 

Read on   Cheston

1: FEBRUARY LEVIATHAN OUTING:  Sunday 19th February 10.00am for 10.30am
We would like to continue to put 2 eights (at least) on the water - so get your bookings
in to me from now on, reminders as usual will follow.
200 Club Leviathan win - The recent ?50 winnings donated to the Leviathan de-brief fund,
were not used during our January festivities, so will be placed in the whip and available to
those who join us on the water for February - now there's an incentive!

"AMBIDEXTROUS" Karlisch wooden 8+:
cox: PATSY Fallon, stroke: GUS Gait, 7: DOC Steer, 6: LARS List, 5: RR Rowland, 4: RAMBO Lewis, 3: DI Gait, 2: JONESEY Jones, Bow: ROSS Perou.

"OMNIDEXTROUS" Empacher wooden 8+: cox: SOOTY Biddulph, stroke: ATILLA Ayling, 7: PIGLET Pearce, 6: BARELEAU Barclay, 5: LURCH Ayling, 4: BOOTS Brunt, 3: SKIPPY Ronald, 2: MANGE Godrich, Bow: WEASEL Christie

HORS DE COMBAT: GOZ Gostling, (present but unable to row due to lack of fitness caused by age), STICK West (Ditto), HORATIO Nelson (ditto - except not present and no excuse with age), PRIDEY Pride (Jet-lag), SHOULDERS Wibberley (PUSS in BOOTS - see below)

PRESENT FOR LUNCHEON: (List as complete as possible): QUEEN King & Sylvie, GOZ Gostling, S.E.A. Spong, JONESEY Jones and his lady, ARNIE Zarach and his lady, PIGLET Pearce,  TONY Roberts his lady and guest , BARELEAU Barclay & his lady, WEASEL Christie, his lady and children, SCULLIDO Burrows, RAMBO Lewis & his lady, HOPEY Hope & his lady, PATSY Fallon, SKIPPY Ronald, SOOTY Biddulph, MANGE Godrich & her man, ROSS Perou & his lady, DOC Steer & his lady, LURCH Ayling, BOOTS Brunt & his lady, JOCK Martin, RR Rowland, LARS List, ANGUS & DI Gait (40 attendees)

OUTING REPORT: 10.30am Sunday 15 January
A pleasant morning saw the bodies gathering downstairs at the club, as the numbers
grew. With the added complication of the Remenham Head the following weekend at
which the fittest and strongest of the Lreviathans are dure to compete with the
Crooksey 4- combination (Crroks, Tompkins, Sweeney, Merrall), the crew selection was a
little longer than the traditional brief but fair Leviathan method.

LURCH & ATILLA Ayling had brought down their "ringer" they thought to help pull them
along. LARS List 28-year old former Under 23 International.  In deciding to join his chums
GUS Gait quickly sought to add LARS to his AMBIDEXTROUS (Row both sides) crew. So
the make up of the crews was decided and the OMNIDEXTERS (Not those who play with themselves as one wag - (WEASEL) put it) set about hitting the water.  PATS Fallon and
SOOTY Biddulph were entrusted with the health and welfare of their charges of varying
fitness.  This had all proved too much for GOZ Gostling and STICK West, who ruefully
(or was that suggly?) watched both crews going afloat. 

Once the kit inspection was over, our KIT MANAGER the GOZ, donned his other hat, that
of Leviathan Chairman and remembering back to that fine January morning in 2004, when
he PIGLET, RR and WEASEL set the Leviathan in motion in their 4-, bade farewell to the
two eights from the landing stage.  The weather was overcast but dry, a strongish wind
blowing towards the bridge, good water conditions although reasonably busy river traffic.

Afloat OMNIDEXTROUS took the warm-up initiative, until the Marina, where AMBIXEXTROUS passed them while the former were undertaking a series of quality exercises. A few
unscheduled stops on the way upstream allowed the Leviathans to gather breath and composure. In addition some advice on technique was exchanged during these pauses
between the two crews. LARS had early realised that his outing with former internationals
was a bit wide of the mark, but was enjoying learning some new rowing traditions as well
as learning a few new English words to add to his vocabulary.

While waiting at Ditton's Bend, PIGLET regailed the crew with stories of times past,
especially relating to our famed Chairman the GOZ and his stern pairing in the passt with
the Leviathan European representative, Le Baron Beynon.  To save embarassment to the
afforementioned senior Leviathanites, we will not repeat the story here - but it was a goodie. 

At Hampton Court, just short of the Bridge, the crews turned and after some brief
negotiation between GUS, LURCH, SOOTY and (particularly important) the DOC, it was
decided to row 20-30-40-30-20 stroke pyramids on the return journey.

In the first set, OMNIDEXTROUS started ahead, then gradually the superior fitness,
strength (and power of the 28-year old at 6) began to tell, and the AMBIDEXTROUS
crew then dominated proceedings thereafter.  In true Leviathan traditions though the
faster crew allowed the slower to get back on terms, so that they both were able to
follow the work together on the way back.  Both coxes steered excellent ciourses.  For
PATSY this was a welcome return following her las outing with the Leviathan since
September, and allowing the side-by-side nature of the two eights did a fine job.

The last piece of the celebration outing was a spirited last 250metres to the Boathouse,
which unsurprisingly saw the both siders ahead again.  Both crews then returned to the
stage, to the welcoming banter our our Chairman and other KRC members who by now
realised this was a special day.

After the usual showering off, the crews attended the lengthy de-brief before the 2.15
off for the Celebration Luncheon. QUEEN and SYLVIE had been "hard at it" (the cooking
I mean - come on  !!!) while the Leviathans had been toiling on the water, and the
magnificent feast was wellcomed by one and all.  The ?8 cost (including wine) was
supplemented with a ?2 donation to the KRC boatfund ( which amounted to about ?80).

Joining the Leviathans was the KRC President Alan (SEA) Spong and total numbers for the
meal was about 40.  Thanks were given to our President and Events Manager QUEEN and
his lady for all their efforts in the kitchen (Cullinary or otherwise!!!) and a long enjoyable
afternoon was enjoyed by all. 

Notable newcomers to the Leviathan gathering was ARNIE Zarach and his lady (former KRC Captain, Coach and Launch Driver - lately of Pink Palace trenure (he holds Jurgen's bag -
I think). Arnie is famous in KRC's long history as a man of few words (when sober) and can
claim the shortest Captain's Report speech ever, "Good Evening ....... & Good Night" -
great to see you and your lady once more.  TONY Roberts, another member of the
famous (infamous?) Merchant Navy eight of 1969 was present with fellow crew member
and Leviathan, BARELEAU Barclay - welcome to you again. Although fitter than many, it
was good to see HOPEY Hope and his lady amongst us, and with SIMON Leifer earlier
confirming that he would like to lose a few pounds (or is that lbs??) joining us on the water
soon. LARS list had been invited to the LURCH and ATILLA household for a quiet weekend
with the Aylings. Found himself in borrowed kit and thrust into the heady athletic
environment that is the Leviathan training machine. He enjoyed his visit very much, and before his return to Germany in March may return for more "fun" and culture with his new English chums.  (SEE BELOW - GERMAN SUMMER TRIP)

I think all would agree that we all enjoyed our day, and to all of you who for one reason
or another could not join us this time, further Luncheons will be planned during the year. 
Watch this space ...................

3: KINGSTON RC ANNUAL DINNER:  - Book Now! Book Now! : Another important KRC
function for your diaries is the CLUB DINNER: 
"Weasel" has asked me to remind you all
that the Annual Dinner will be held at the Club on Friday 10th February tickets are ?30 each, and kick off is at 7.00pm. Dress Black tie and stockings and suspenders that's for the men.
A LEVIATHAN table will be put together.

SHOULDERS - PUSS IN BOOTS" - A Great Success:  
BOOTS BRUNT (the Leviathan culture and cutorior manager) attended the Guildford
Strolling Players production, the appropriately named "PUSS IN BOOTS" or as BOOTS himself remarked should that have been "BOOTS IN PUSS??"

We are hoping that our esteemed culture buff will provide us with a full report and critique
of their experiences with SHOULDER'S team of fellow thespians efforts. Suffice it to say that
the verbal report that I was given of this adult panto, was a wonderful and full evening of
adult fun.

More productions will be planned during the year, and Leviathan Cultural and Social Eveings (Offshore) Inc., will be pleased to arrange group ticketing for Leviathans at competitive
pricing. BOOTS, SHOULDERS and myself will keep fellow Leviathan thesps in the know.

Following a suggestion from ATILLA, and subsequent discussions between GUS and LARS
(our German guest) at the anniversary luncheon, a possible trip for Leviathans in September
looks to be a marvellous rowing and cultural opportunity.

Basically, the KOBLENZ Club Regatta takes place on 9th September.  The initial concept is
that based on low costs outlay, the Leviathans could place an airline booking from
Stanstead to Hahn (near Koblenz) for a long weekend of Culture and Fun.  For the actives
would be the opportunity to embibe and compete with like minded Jerries - whgo include
I am told some escoffiers and embibers equal at least to our own QUEEN, GOZ, PIGLET
and LURCH !   Cultural evenings are planned to extend the endurance threshold for all.
KOBLENZ is placed on the joining of the Moselle and Rhine rivers, so offers the opportunity
of either grape. Wine tastings of both could be on offer.

Take it from me, from what LARS, ATILLA and LURCH have explained to me of the
KOBLENZ hospitality - a memorable weekend on and off the river would be enjoyed
by all.  Further information will be provided next month. LARS will hopefully be joining
us again before his return to Deutchsland after the Tideway Head - so Leviathans may
discuss this opportunity with him as well. Between outings - LARS is based in Coventry
(twinned with Dresden! - come on) and may be keeping fit in the Birmingham area
(Birmingham RC - mother club to Boyzie I believe). 

Until the next time,

Cheers Cheston


L.U.R. Cheston-Porter
Hon., Secretary
LEVIATHAN Rowing Group

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