Henley Thames Cup Eight 2011

Last year, the Wyfolds and Britannia were heavily oversubscribed and the Thames Cup not. This year the entries swung the other way and the Thames Cup was oversubscribed with 69 crews applying for the 32 places. Two crews went through the qualifying process with one of the Kingston crews qualifying in the top 10 places.

The Thames Cup Eight then  had a difficult draw against one of the seeded American crews, University Barge Club on the first day. They held on well for the first couple of markers, but were slowly overhauled through the middle of the race.

 Photo courtesy of Don Somner.

The members of the crew were:

1 Dan Golding

2 Tom Wiley

3 Jonny Davies

4 Joe Harris

5 Adam Dracott

6 Chris Ellam

7 Jon Mackinney

8 Pete Watson

Cox: Sophie Guse

Coach: Andrew Martin

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