Leviathan Update 2008

Since the start of the 150th Anniversary season the Leviathans have continued to enjoy their monthly outings up to Hampton Court (sometimes) and in their November foray also enjoyed a magnificent Pheasant repast following their re-hydration (on medical advice).


QUEENIE - Peter King and his lady Sylvie provided the wonderful meal and WEASEL - Matt Christie ensured there was some 'red belly wash'  to provide liquid refreshment. On top of this the group raised nearly £100 for the Boat Fund at the meal.

The December outing saw an eight, double and pair 'hit' the water under SOOTY - David Biddulph's guidance.  ATTILA - Astrid Ayling conjured up some Gluewein to celebrate her birthday during the club


In January, the Leviathans are celebrating their 4th Anniversary with

a FOUNDER'S DAY celebration on 13th. QUEENIE will again be providing a sensational meal to be served following the traditional re-hydration. Leviathan Chairman GOZ - Terry Gostling and Leviathans look forward  to seeing as many there as possible.

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From L.U.R. Cheston-Porter

Hon., Sec - Leviathan Group

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