Teddington Head, 14 November 2015

KRC had a successful day's racing at a very wet and windy Teddington Head. The women's squad picked up four wins and the junior women gaining the fifth win of the day, whilst also subbing into one of the senior crews. We also had a number of very close second places with the WJ16 4x-, Mas F 1x and the IM3 8+ (pictured below) all narrowly missing out. The men's squad IM3 8+ had a good race, building experience from Kingston Small Boats Head and a great stepping stone for the main head season. The W IM3 4+ was also the fastest women's 4+ on the day.

Winning crews:

W IM3 4+ R. Kugele, Kakay Halle, O. Marshall, C. Willet and Jen Hughes (cox) (pictured below)
WNov 4x- J. Dickman, K. Warner, M. Stalley, M. Jackson
WIM2 2x E. Scruby, R. Brunning
WNov 1x M. Addis
WJ16 4+M. Jheeta, C. Oliver, U. McNicol, B. Williams, S. Cockle (cox)
 Teddington head Wim34 win
Womens winning IM3 Coxed Four

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