Womens Senior Squad

Women's Squad 2017 Results

2016/17 season race wins are outlined below:

Walton Small Boats Head, December 2016

            W IM2 2x

            W Mas B 2x

            W Mas G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Teddington Head, December 2016

            W IM2 4+

November-vieren (Holland), November 2016

            W Mas E 4x- (KRC / HOOP composite)

Kingston Small Boats Head, November 2016

            W IM3 4+

            W Mas B/C 4x-

Weybridge Silver Sculls, October 2016

            W IM2 2x (also fastest women's 2x)

            W Mas D/E/F 2x

Women's Squad 2016 Results

2015/16 season race wins are outlined below:

FISA World Masters Regatta (Denmark), September 2016

            W Mas F 4- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

            W Mas F 2x (Gold) (KRC / HOOP composite)

            W Mas F 4x- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

            W Mas G-K 4+ (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / FR / BBL composite)

            W Mas G 4x- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / BBL composite)

            Mx Mas F 4x- (Gold) (KRC / BRC / CR composite)

            Mx Mas F 2x (Gold) (KRC / BRC composite)

Trebon Regatta (Czech Republic), August 2016

            W Mas F 4x- (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

Kingston Amateur Regatta, July 2016

            W Mas A/B 4x-

Henley Masters Regatta, July 2016

            W Mas C 2- (KRC / TSS composite)

            W Mas F 4+ (KRC / MAA / BBL / TSS composite)

British Masters Rowing Championships, June 2016

            W Mas A Champ 4x- (Gold)

            W Mas E/F Champ 4- (Gold) (KRC / MAA / BBL / TSS composite)

            W Mas G Champ 1x (Gold)

            W Mas A/B IM3 4+ (Gold)

            W Mas A Nov 4+ (Gold)

            W Mas A Nov 2x (Silver)

            W Mas D Nov 4+ (Silver)

            W Mas A Champ 2x (Bronze)

            W Mas C Nov 4+ (Bronze)

Metropolitan Regatta (Sunday), June 2016

            W Mas C/D/E 8+ (TSS / KRC / LEA composite)

Twickenham Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas D 2x

            W Nov 8+

            W Nov 4+

            W Nov 2x

Weybridge Ladies Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas B 4x-

            W Mas A 2x

            W IM3 4x-

            W IM3 2x

            W IM3 1x

Walton & Weybridge Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas A/B 4x-

            W Mas A 2x

            W IM3 1x

            W Nov 2x

Remenham Challenge, December 2015

            W Nov 8+

Walton Small Boats Head, November 2015

            W Mas B 2x

            W Nov 2x

Teddington Head, November 2015

            W IM2 2x

            W IM3 4+

            W Nov 4x-

            W Nov 1x

Kingston Small Boats Head, October 2015

            W Mas C/D/E 4x- (KRC / MAA / BBL composite)

            W Nov 4+

            W Mas F/G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Weybridge Silver Sculls, October 2015

            W Mas A 2x

            W Mas D 2x

Pairs Head, October 2015

            W Sen 2- (KRC / TSS composite)

            W Mas F/G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Wallingford Long Distance Sculls, September 2015

            W Mas D/E 2x

Twickenham Regatta 2016

Kingston's women enjoyed another very successful regatta winning four of the five events they entered. The novice men also had a good day, with both fours getting through a round before being eliminated and a very strong performance from the eight rowing up a status in IM3. They got through their heat coming from 3/4 length down at halfway by putting in an impressive push to finish ahead with clear water.

The women's novice four dominated the event winning their heat, semi and final all by large margins. The eight got through their semi with some ease and then in the final they were 3/4 length ahead of Thames RC until half way and then put in a tremendous push to win by a number of lengths. The women's novice doubles final was an all Kingston affair, with both crews getting through a heat and a semi final to line up against each other in the final. Our masters D double looked impressive, powering away from their opposition early in the race to secure their win.

Winning crews:

W Mas D 2x Caroline Willett and Birgith Sims.
W Nov 8+ Henriette Storen, Kakay Halle, Ulana Fries, Kirsty Warner, Amelia Reeves, Julia Dickman, Kam Grernsranoi, Holly Walmsley and Jen Hughes (cox).
W Nov 4+ Henriette Storen, Kakay Halle, Julia Dickman, Kirsty Warner, Jen Hughes (cox).
W Nov 2x Melissa Stockton and Molly Stalley.

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Walton, Weybridge and Bourne Regatta 2016

Walton & Weybridge Regatta 21st May

KRC had good representation with lots of crews from junior, senior and masters squads competing. We had a very successful day with 6 wins and some notable performances from other crews. Lots of our younger juniors and novice seniors gained useful racing experience.

Walton W Mas A 2x web
 Women's Master A 2x Rachael Kugele and Caroline Willett

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Women's Eights Head, 5th March 2016

KRC had one full crew entered into the race and two other KRC women rowed in composite crews. The senior women's squad targeted the novice (club) category this year, in part due to the composition of the squad but also due to the decision by the race committee to no longer offer IM3 or IM2 categories. The goal was to come top 3 in the novice (club) category, top 100 in the overall ranking and to beat the Thames RC novice crew, who were 4 seconds faster than us at the Hammersmith Head two weeks prior. We achieved all of these targets:

  • 3rd place out of 23 novice (club) crews in a time of 21:21.6
  • 4th place out of 67 novice (club and academic) categories combined
  • 73rd place overall out of 299
  • 24.3 seconds faster than the Thames RC Novice crew

All of the hard preparation work paid off with the crew producing their best performance of the season so far. Cox Scott Cockle steered the perfect line from start to finish making sure we had full advantage of the stream, and the girls rowed long and efficiently, maintaining technique throughout the course. Given that we are not a big crew (average 5k time being 21:01 and no one over 5'9" tall) this is an excellent result. 

We also had representation in two composite crews in Masters events. Birgith Sims rowed with three Dutch ladies and a mixture of women from British clubs in a Masters F crew for Time Only. Megan Addis rowed with our friends at Putney Town RC in a Masters D crew with a time of 22:50.4 (21:54.4 with handicap applied). 

Novice 8+ Crew Listing: Scott Cockle (cox), Rachael Kugele (Str), Kakay Halle, Kirsty Warner, Henriette Storen, Amy Sims, Julia Dickman, Jo Berry, Holly Walmsley (Bow).

 2016 WeHoRR kingstonrowingclub

Women's Squad 2015 Results

Pairs Head, October 2014

W Mas C/D/E 2- (KRC / TSS composite).

Kingston Small Boats Head,November 2014

W IM2 4x-

W IM2 2x

Teddington Head, November 2014

W Mas B/C 4+

W IM2 1x 

Kingston Head of the River, March 2015

W IM3 4+

Walton & Weybridge Regatta, June 2015

W Mas A/B 4x-

British Masters Rowing Championships, June 2015

W Mas A Champ 4x-

W Mas A Nov 1x

Richmond Regatta, June 2015

W Nov 1x

Kingston Regatta, July 2015

W Mas A/B 2x

W Mas A/B 1x

Women's Easter Training Camp 2014

In the words of Vince Lombardi "winning isn't everything but the thought of winning is". This thought entwined with the renewed collective passion of the women's senior squad to achieve our very best has been the driving force behind our training camp at the club over the Easter break.

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