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Scarlet Blade - pre Henley 2006 edition

Captain's Report - Nigel Wilson-Dykes

Pride of place must go to Rachel and Haley Kugele who won a silver medal at the National Schools Championship in the Junior Doubles. They have worked incredibly hard over the last two years to achieve this result and thoroughly deserve it. They are a great credit to the club. Rather than resting on their laurels they are now pushing on to the National Championships where they hope to repeat their success.

On the men's side we have two eight's entered for the Thames Cup this year.

1. Cox M Wale, D Genazzini, J Hepburn, T Waterfall, S Lack, J Turner, J Townley, M Wallace, S Molloy
2. Cox Miss M Edwards, C Sandford-Blight, A Hall, J Lackner, I Maclaughlin, C Mercer, L Ellis, L Wheeler, J-P Salter

Tim Bramfitt who has been ably supported by Mike Clarke and Peter Hope, with Gary Kugele adding in his weights expertise, has looked after the squad for most of the year. With the nucleus of the squad having been together for a number of years, coupled with a consistent training programme, we are quietly confident that we can improve on last year's quarterfinal performance. After HRR, Dan, Simon and Tom will be going for Commonwealth Games selection and we wish them well.

Matt Evans, John Shepherd and Richard Nelson have looked after the Novice men. They have a tremendous spirit within this group and I'm sure that their first qualifying win is not far away.

On the women's side Keith Lancaster has put in a sterling effort over the winter. An intermediate women's quad of L Newton, L Murray, E Possnicker and C Ash will represent the club at Women's Henley. They have trained really hard over the winter and deserve a good run at Henley. We also have a healthy squad of novices, looked after by Mrs Michelle West, who are enjoying their regattas and who will strengthen the intermediate section next year.

As well as the Kugele's success the Junior section continues to thrive under Martin Ellis' leadership. Many thanks to the Junior coaches, Fiona Lunney, Lizzy Walne, Chris Griffiths, Marcus Hoskins, Simon Leifer and Ray Merral.

The veterans continue to have their regular outings, which they seem to enjoy enormously. They have contributed greatly to the club, most recently by raising money to hire an 8 for HRR for the first boat, and a new boat has recently been bought for their use in recognition of their efforts.

Lastly I would like to thank the Committee for their support this year. I feel that the club rarely recognises and encourages the good work carried out by this group. Club members are often too quick to complain and too slow to praise their efforts. There are a number of positions to be filled next year and so please step forward if you want to make a difference.

To help the new Membership Secretary next year, provisionally Claire Bordeaux, I have proposed that fees should be paid over a maximum of three months. Therefore full members should budget now to pay their fees either in full on the 1st October, or in three equal payments on 1st October, November and December.

I hope that everybody enjoys the summer and I look forward to meeting up with members at Remenham.

Chairman's Report - Guy Lewis

THE END IS NIGH!! Well it is for the current year of KRC and a notice of the AGM is with this edition of SCARLET BLADE. A great number of issues have had to be addressed over the last year and are continuing into the next, I do not propose to provide all the details here and hope that if you are truly interested in the future and well being of your Club you will attend the meeting and we will provide a report of what we are having to do to keep the Club viable.

The committee this year has been very under strength and we are very lucky to have the current personnel occupying key positions, it essential for the next term that we have more people committed to help us run the place! Areas where help is particularly required is equipment, i.e. keeping a log of boat maintenance issues and arranging repairs etc, Boathouse superintendent, looking after the cleaning and maintenance of the place of the place, we have a cleaning contractor but they need to be supervised etc. We need a publisher for SCARLET BLADE, you don't have to write it just co-ordinate the drivel that people like me throw at you! We also need to up-date our website which has been run since its inception by Steve Pratley. There are lots of other areas that help is required please contact me at any time for further job descriptions!

Finally, congratulations to the First V111 who had a fantastic win at Marlow (Dorney) Regatta on Saturday I watched them win the final (as they had all their heats!) looking very poised and together and with more speed to come. Good luck to the 2nd V111 who are due to race qualifiers, they really have the 'bit between the teeth' and I am sure we will have 2 V111' s in the Thames Cup! The principal coaching Team of Tim Bramfitt , Peter Hope and Mike Clarke have had to make some tough decisions over selection this year such is the depth of talent that has been available, I am sure it is going to pay off !

15 Years Later... - Guy Lewis

In 1991, Chris Andrews and Clint Evans rowed for KRC in 2006 they won the Atlantic Challenge, which for those of you not familiar with madness, means rowing across the Atlantic! They beat James Cracknell and Ben Fogle plus some of the 4 man boats, if you see them at Henley buy them a beer.

Also in 1991 the KRC flag was stolen by person or persons un-known, it was a huge thing that would look big flying from a destroyer, It was used as backdrop to a stage that was rigged up in a Marquee that was erected in front of the Clubhouse to host a party after the ' Daf sprints ' that some of you might remember. The disappearance remained a complete mystery, until about 3 years ago when a comment was made at the bar of Molesey Boat Club, I happened to be there and overheard! To cut a long story short the flag has been returned at a small ceremony during the Remenham Club dinner that was held at KRC this year, a little battle scarred and moth eaten and rather to fragile to be flown on the flag-pole but we will find a suitable place for it .

Junior Section - Martin Ellis

Despite personnel changes at the end of last summer, the Juniors have recorded another successful year with 65 members and a continuing huge demand for junior rowing. We ran an introduction course for beginners over 8 weeks starting in late February in order to manage the new intake and aim to run further courses over the summer holidays. Our highlight has to be the National Schools Silver medal by the Kugele sisters, already mentioned by the Captain, but I would like to add my congratulations. They have been a model for all the other juniors with their commitment and determination. I would like to take this opportunity to wish them well as they will be leaving us to go to University and we look forward to them returning in 3 years time.

Another likely departure this summer will be Luke Ellis who will (I hope!!) also be going off to University. Luke has been Captain of the Juniors for the last 3 years and this year memorably led the Juniors to a Remenham Challenge victory in the Mens Novice Eights with an average age of 16yrs 4 months. We hope to get the crew out again for Kingston Regatta. Luke will also be representing the Juniors in the Thames Cup as he has forced his way into the second V111, and has a very good chance of qualifying.

On 7 June it was great to welcome Kieran West back to launch the Guy Salmon Indoor Rowing Challenge Cup, which will be held at Kingston Regatta on 8 July. The competition is for schools in South West London aged under 16. Not only did we all get a chance to see Kieran giving the kids some expert advice we also got to see his Gold Medal and Jaguar's new XK8!

I would also like to thank all the hard work put in by the parents over the season, in particular, the Todds and Lloyds for running the Regatta account, Chris Griffiths for his maintenance work and towing and Marcus Hoskins for all his help across a number of areas - Marcus recently applied to his company to give a day as a volunteer and gave it to KRC to convert the old fuel store under the stairs into an equipment cupboard. Finally, it is with sadness that I have to announce the departure of Fiona Lunney who is moving onto pastures new. I know that I can, on behalf of all the Juniors, say just how much we are going to miss her enthusiasm and dedication - she will be a very hard act to follow.

We hope next year to continue by ensuring that all the kids have fun but try and establish a high performance group for those that wish to dedicate more time and commitment - any potential coaches interested?

Leviathan MAY Outing Report - Leonard Cheston-Porter

We again managed to get two eights afloat again for our Early Summer outing. Lurch assumed control of crew "selection" with the aim to keep one crew as "a little tasty" and the other as previously used. Following a bit of the usual "house-keeping" to get the boats in order, both crews went afloat. Crews boated as follows:-

"EXHIBITION" Eight - Karlisch: Cox: SHOULDERS Wibberley, Stroke: GUS Gait, 7: DOC Steer, 6: BARELEAU Barclay, 5: RAMBO Lewis, 4: PADDY Togher, 3: COLIN Mercer, 2: MASTER Bate, Bow: DI Gait

"CAR BOOT SALE" Eight - Empacher: Cox: PATSY Fallon, Stroke: HORATIO Nelson, 7: ROSS Perou, 6: BOOTS Brunt, 5: LURCH Ayling, 4: RR Rowland, 3: EMMENTALL Pride, 2: DAN Dare, Bow: JONESEY Jones.

Confirmed Not Available: ATILLA Ayling (Back in the FATHERLAND at an airshow in Berlin), STICK West, SOOTY Biddulph (Both assisting at regattas), GOZO (Umpiring again at a regatta "in the sticks", WEASEL (Recovering from entertaining QUEEN after Thames Ditton on the Weasel Gin Palace). MANGE Godrich (Previous engagement - interesting details please ????), JOCK Martin (Recovering from post THAMES DITTON KRC Sen 3 coxing victory). QUACKERS White (Looking after little boys again).

DI and GUS returned from the recent Spanish hols were together in "Exhibition", GUS taking the crew off with a steady strong rhythm, later confirmed as being set by the DOC's trusty pacemaker. The inclusion of Messrs, Mercer and Togher from the club Henley Squad gave a daunting look to the crew as the moved on upstream, under SHOULDER's usual expert control. Moving at a slightly more comfortable, leisurely pace HORATIO Nelson provided a measured and less demanding pace for the slightly less fit outfit, hand-picked by the increasingly svelte profle that is Lurch. Making a welcome re-appearance "pulling the bits" was PATSY Fallon, who had not (it seemed) been put off by her last coxing with the LEVIATHANS when she spent over an hour looking at RAMBO's crutch (Something even Ginny does infrequently these days). PATS who had safely come through her entertainment in town that stopped her "pulling bits" for our last outing, brought a welcome spot of glamour to the stern of "Car Boot Sale" that neither HORATIO or ROSS in the stern could compete with. EMMENTHAL Pride was on a lightning visit back to "Blighty" (evidently part of the UK Tax Evasion clause about being in the UK so many days a year) and was taking a rare break from the sculling art he normally shares with his fellow cheese eaters.

"Exhibition" made good time to Hampton Court ahead of the many washes that the time of year unfortunately encourages. Unfortunately "Car Boot Sale" caught all the washes, as it took its slightly less robust way upstream.

At Hampton Court, the crews met up, and it was decided that "Car Boot" would take on the role of pacing the slightly more pacy "Exhibition" crew (Apologies to Di there!!).In spite of incitement from RAMBO making a guest appearance on bow-side, which was a real treat for DOC and PADDY. The crews set off to dodge the various river users as best they could on the return journey. It had been agreed between somebody that both eights would work on the straight bits with "Car Boot" setting off earlier and "Exhibition" moving through. Both eights would set off at 1/2 pressure then on SHOULDER'S instruction go to 3/4 pressure. The reaches were as usual Dittons, Marina and Ravens Ait, with a final, slightly shorter flourish in front of the club reach.

A good work-out, with unsurprisingly "Exhibition" easily the faster, both crews disembarked for the De-Briefing room which was fully re-stocked with the usual range of re-vitalising re-hydrating post-outing goodies, although "Boaters" had to be raided for a selection of crisps!!

Treasurer's Report - Angus Gait

The annual accounts for April 2005 - March 2006 are available at this link. If your eye is struck by what appears to be a healthy surplus, let me immediately disenchant you from that illusion. As I have mentioned before in SCARLET BLADE, the Club has considerable liabilities in respect of the maintenance work required on the building, which will consume last year's surplus many times over in the next few years. So, please think of it as the first bucket to be emptied into a deep, though hopefully not bottomless, pit of expenditure. If you wish to have further details, please come to the AGM on Sunday 6th August.

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