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Kingston Head of the River

This years Kingston Head of the River Race ran on the 18th March 2017. Division 1 start at 11:00am and Division 2 at 2:00pm



Photographs by Iain Weir, Rowing Photography

The Flyer with event and payment details.

Start Order for Div 1 & 2 (xls) and as pdf   Revised 16/3/2017

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John Pearce

John Francis Pearce
JohnPearce1941 - 2017

It is with sadness that I have to report the death in the early part of this year, of John Pearce, a Vice President and great stalwart of Kingston Rowing Club. He was educated at Kingston Grammar School and rowed in their 1st Eight whilst there taking a few years off when he left school, to study marine engineering at Tough Bros in Teddington. Upon completion of an apprenticeship with this company he returned to row at KRC. By this time, his father had firmly established Thames Ditton Marina and work commitments meant that John had less time to devote to his rowing. After a few years concentrating on work with the Marina, John joined his younger brother Peter who had since joined KRC, to row with him in a pair entering the Goblets at Henley Royal Regatta. The following year, both brothers teamed up with Peter and Geoff Risk to enter the Wyfolds at Henley Royal Regatta making the first time a pair of brothers had entered as a crew! After giving up rowing, he spent time as a coach with our highly successful Britannia Four, deputising for Ron Needs their coach, on the occasions when he was unable to get down to the Club.

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Alistair Court-Smith

Alistair Court-Smith 1942 - 2016

After a prolonged battle with illness, it is with sadness we report on the death of one of our longstanding members, Alistair Court-Smith. His association with the Club goes back over 60 years when he was rowing at Kingston Grammar School and as such, was a Cadet member of KRC.

On leaving school he studied civil engineering and worked on the M1 which was under construction in those days. From building highways in the UK, his career took him to the Bahamas working for Sir Robert McAlpine where after five years, his work took him to Algeria, Belgium, back to the Bahamas returning in the late eighties to Belgium once again.

In 1990, he returned once more to the UK and renewed his contact with KRC rowing in the veteran crew on a Sunday morning. Marrying June in 1992, his career had changed from being an active engineer to Project Management, becoming a director of Widnell and running their project management division.

It was his skill in project management that was to be so useful to KRC when he was involved with others in negotiating the new lease for the Club. His help was to be invaluable in negotiating the terms of the new lease and with the planning of the alterations that we have started to make at the boathouse.

Following retirement, Alistair became a non-executive director for the Primary Care Trust NHS and also a non-executive director of Rosemary Simmons Memorial Housing Association based in Esher.

He leaves behind his wife June, daughters Melanie and Tia, and sons James and Gregory.

Richard J. Ayling

13th June 1952-1st November 2016 – A Colossus of World Rowing

Richard Ayling

If I had three words to describe Richard Ayling who has just died at the age of 64 they would be: passion, commitment and fun. He was a giant of a man, who loved, just loved, the sport – every bit of it. He always wore his heart on his sleeve. And his laughter – Richard could take a joke as well as dish them out – was always raucous. His life touched so many who helped make our sport great. But it would be typical of ‘Lurch’ – his ‘70s nickname given to him by his crewmates in Bob Janousek’s British squad – to give credit to others. Make no mistake though; British rowing owes a debt to Richard Ayling.



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Women's Squad 2017 Results

2016/17 season race wins are outlined below:

Walton Small Boats Head, December 2016

            W IM2 2x

            W Mas B 2x

            W Mas G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Teddington Head, December 2016

            W IM2 4+

November-vieren (Holland), November 2016

            W Mas E 4x- (KRC / HOOP composite)

Kingston Small Boats Head, November 2016

            W IM3 4+

            W Mas B/C 4x-

Weybridge Silver Sculls, October 2016

            W IM2 2x (also fastest women's 2x)

            W Mas D/E/F 2x

GB National Rowing Championships 22-23 October 2016

KRC men competed at the British National Rowing Championships at Holme Pierrepoint Nottingham on the weekend of October 22/23. We entered in a new 'Club Shield' category for 4- and 8.

National Championships Nottingham 2016 KRC 4- winners

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Tragic Incident

There was a tragic occurrence at Kingston Rowing Club on Saturday morning, 17th September, when Rosie Mitchell collapsed and lost consciousness while rowing. Paramedics arrived promptly on the scene but were unable to revive her and she died in hospital shortly thereafter. Rosie was 15 years old. Our hearts go out to Rosie’s parents, Rachel & Andrew, family and friends.

The Club have opened a Book of Condolences for Rosie Mitchell. The Book will be open for two weeks to allow as many members as possible to contribute, should they wish. The Book is in the Club entrance hall, between the kitchen and bar.
We would welcome all members to contribute - perhaps a few words about Rosie, a shared memory with her, maybe simply a message of support and sympathy for her parents and family.
Please do not remove the Book from its table.

Please direct all communications to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kingston Small Boats Head

The next Kingston Small Boats Head will be on the 4th November 2017.

Kingston Head of the River for Eights and Fours will be held on the 18th March 2017.

Kingston Small Boats Head 2016 was held on 5th Nov 2016 over two divisions.  The 1st Division at 10:30. The 2nd division at 14:00.

Final 2016 Results:-

The entries poster lists the events available. Entries have now closed.KSBH Nov 2016 poster

Please ensure you read the 'Instructions for Crews' and understand the 'Course Map' below as a minimum before boating. 

- Start Order Updates:
St Georges W.IM2.4+ moved to Div 1 2/11
KGS W.J15A.4x+ moved to Div 1 3/11

Any enquiries may be emailed to the Organiser Peter King.

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Women's Squad 2016 Results

2015/16 season race wins are outlined below:

FISA World Masters Regatta (Denmark), September 2016

            W Mas F 4- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

            W Mas F 2x (Gold) (KRC / HOOP composite)

            W Mas F 4x- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

            W Mas G-K 4+ (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / FR / BBL composite)

            W Mas G 4x- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / BBL composite)

            Mx Mas F 4x- (Gold) (KRC / BRC / CR composite)

            Mx Mas F 2x (Gold) (KRC / BRC composite)

Trebon Regatta (Czech Republic), August 2016

            W Mas F 4x- (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

Kingston Amateur Regatta, July 2016

            W Mas A/B 4x-

Henley Masters Regatta, July 2016

            W Mas C 2- (KRC / TSS composite)

            W Mas F 4+ (KRC / MAA / BBL / TSS composite)

British Masters Rowing Championships, June 2016

            W Mas A Champ 4x- (Gold)

            W Mas E/F Champ 4- (Gold) (KRC / MAA / BBL / TSS composite)

            W Mas G Champ 1x (Gold)

            W Mas A/B IM3 4+ (Gold)

            W Mas A Nov 4+ (Gold)

            W Mas A Nov 2x (Silver)

            W Mas D Nov 4+ (Silver)

            W Mas A Champ 2x (Bronze)

            W Mas C Nov 4+ (Bronze)

Metropolitan Regatta (Sunday), June 2016

            W Mas C/D/E 8+ (TSS / KRC / LEA composite)

Twickenham Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas D 2x

            W Nov 8+

            W Nov 4+

            W Nov 2x

Weybridge Ladies Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas B 4x-

            W Mas A 2x

            W IM3 4x-

            W IM3 2x

            W IM3 1x

Walton & Weybridge Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas A/B 4x-

            W Mas A 2x

            W IM3 1x

            W Nov 2x

Remenham Challenge, December 2015

            W Nov 8+

Walton Small Boats Head, November 2015

            W Mas B 2x

            W Nov 2x

Teddington Head, November 2015

            W IM2 2x

            W IM3 4+

            W Nov 4x-

            W Nov 1x

Kingston Small Boats Head, October 2015

            W Mas C/D/E 4x- (KRC / MAA / BBL composite)

            W Nov 4+

            W Mas F/G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Weybridge Silver Sculls, October 2015

            W Mas A 2x

            W Mas D 2x

Pairs Head, October 2015

            W Sen 2- (KRC / TSS composite)

            W Mas F/G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Wallingford Long Distance Sculls, September 2015

            W Mas D/E 2x

KRC Coxes Win 4 Gold Medals for England at Home International Regatta

Two KRC coxes were selected for the England squad for the Home International Regatta 2016, held in Cardiff Bay on Saturday 23rd July. 

Adele Hing (KRC Senior Men's Cox) was selected to cox for England (Senior Men's 4+ and 8+). Scott Cockle (KRC Junior Cox) was selected to cox for England (Junior Men's 4+ and 8+, along with other GB Junior Triallists from Claires Court School, St. Pauls School, Hampton School, Bedford School and Canford School). 

Conditions at Cardiff Bay were tricky, with a strong cross wind and rough water and narrow lanes to contend with.  The Senior Men's 4+were up first and led from the start and sat ahead of the field for the entire race. They dealt with the rough water well and had a very strong 500m, fighting off the Irish crew in the last 300m to win by 3/4 length.

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Senior Men's Squad Regatta Season Report, 2016

The senior men began their Henley campaign after camp in Seville with a squad of 16 rowers and 2 coxes. A good addition to the squad was Leon Taylor who joined in early March. Leon previously won the Britannia Cup in 2012 with Star Club.

Our first races were Wallingford Regatta at Dorney and BUCS in Nottingham. In windy and rough conditions at BUCS we finished a creditable 6th in Championship 4- (Bow James Marsden, Hal Bedford-Payne, Jonty Webber, Str. Rich Sharratt). James and Hal also finished 7th in the Championship 2- time trial and Emil Biese and Ed Davies coming 15th/42 in the Int 2- time trial. Decent performances against top level opposition.

At Wallingford, both boats were entered into the premier Challenge events. Both rowed hard but were slow off the start and finished a bit off the pace. 8+ Bow. Tom Hopkins, Sam Tunbridge, Nick Pepper, John Coughlan, Leon Taylor, Andrew Bedford, Ben Handy, Str. John Ciccarelli, Cox: Adele Hing. 4+ Bow. Nick Pepper, Andrew Bedford, Ben Handy, Str. Sam Tunbridge, Cox: Prue Seaward

The Met regatta was up next, 4 weeks later:
Sen 4- Bow. Leon Taylor, John Ciccarelli, Hal Bedford-Payne, Str. James Marsden
IM2 8 Bow. Tom Hopkins, Sam Tunbridge, Nick Pepper, Ivan Zovich, Andrew Bedford, Jonty Webber, Ben Handy, Str. Rich Sharratt, Cox: Adele Hing
IM3 4+ Bow. Manny Powell, Marko Manning, Ed Davies, Str. John Coughlan, Cox: Prue Seaward

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British Masters Championships 2016

An exceedingly successful weekend for the Kingston Masters rowers with 8 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medal winning crews, putting us fifth place in the Victor Ludorum. In 2015 we won 3 gold medals so this is a significant step up.

KRC fielded a team of 10 men and 18 women this year, and 7 men and 17 women came away with medals.

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      British Masters 2016 Veteran Rowing Championships
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      Twickenham Regatta 2016

      Kingston's women enjoyed another very successful regatta winning four of the five events they entered. The novice men also had a good day, with both fours getting through a round before being eliminated and a very strong performance from the eight rowing up a status in IM3. They got through their heat coming from 3/4 length down at halfway by putting in an impressive push to finish ahead with clear water.

      The women's novice four dominated the event winning their heat, semi and final all by large margins. The eight got through their semi with some ease and then in the final they were 3/4 length ahead of Thames RC until half way and then put in a tremendous push to win by a number of lengths. The women's novice doubles final was an all Kingston affair, with both crews getting through a heat and a semi final to line up against each other in the final. Our masters D double looked impressive, powering away from their opposition early in the race to secure their win.

      Winning crews:

      W Mas D 2x Caroline Willett and Birgith Sims.
      W Nov 8+ Henriette Storen, Kakay Halle, Ulana Fries, Kirsty Warner, Amelia Reeves, Julia Dickman, Kam Grernsranoi, Holly Walmsley and Jen Hughes (cox).
      W Nov 4+ Henriette Storen, Kakay Halle, Julia Dickman, Kirsty Warner, Jen Hughes (cox).
      W Nov 2x Melissa Stockton and Molly Stalley.

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      Walton, Weybridge and Bourne Regatta 2016

      Walton & Weybridge Regatta 21st May

      KRC had good representation with lots of crews from junior, senior and masters squads competing. We had a very successful day with 6 wins and some notable performances from other crews. Lots of our younger juniors and novice seniors gained useful racing experience.

      Walton W Mas A 2x web
       Women's Master A 2x Rachael Kugele and Caroline Willett

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      Adult Learn to Row Course 2017

      Ever wanted to Learn to Row? We run a Learn to Row course for adults every year at the start of our season, to offer a taster of our sport and to provide opportunities to join our club. 

      Why learn to row? 

      Rowing is a great team sport for men and women of all ages. It is an ourdoor sport that offers a full body work out and no expensive equipment is required. A desire to learn a new challenge and a willingness to be outside in a little rain is all that is required!

      • Our club rows on one of the longest and calmest stretches of the Thames between Hampton Court and Teddington Lock, with some beautiful scenery.
      • We have a history of notable International Representation.
      • We have boats specifically tailored to beginners.
      • A team of experienced coaches and rowers will lead the course.
      The course is designed for people who have never rowed before so no previous experience is necessary, but if you rowed many years ago and need a refresher this also works!

      This course is now fully subscribed.

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      BUCS Regatta 2016

      The Kingston University rowers attended the BUCS Rowing Championships in Nottingham over the bank holiday weekend. This is the largest regatta in Europe and attracts a huge entry from across the UK making most of the events really competitive - for example the men's beginner 4+ had 77 crews entered. Racing was in the format of a time trial followed by regatta racing in semis and finals. Events are offered in championship, intermediate and beginner categories. Nottingham produced its normal weather conditions with a nasty cross head wind over most of the regatta, leading to some of the minor finals being cancelled and some very testing conditions.

      We produced a really good set of results with each squad reaching the same or higher finals compared to last year.

      From the senior men, our Championship 4- of James Marsden, Hal Bedford-Payne, Rich Sharratt and Jonty Webber came 6th in the A final in an extremely competitive event. This was a great performance and our highest placed crew at the regatta. Alex Rachwel came 3rd in the B final of the Men's Beginner 1x displaying no fear in sculling over nasty waves to produce the highest placed beginner result we have had in a long time.

      The beginner girls 4+ of Ulana Fries, Lene Pettersen, Amelia Reeves, Emma Bleasdale and Liv Edwards came 4th in the B final from 63 crews which is the highest result compared to number of crews entered in an event for our crews. Our intermediate women made the C final in the 2x which was then cancelled due to conditions. Last year our top intermediate crew made the D final so this is a good improvement.

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      Junior Wins 2016 /17

      For the latest news on the Junior Squad, follow us on social media!


      JUNIOR WINS 2016/17

      Hampton Head:
      J16 4+ (Matt / Will / Harry / Jordan / cox: Max)
      WJ15 4+ (Halli / Hannah / Evelyna / Amber / cox: Sian)

       Weybridge Winter Head:

      WJ14 8x+ (Scarlet / Jessie / Liveen / Sophie / Alix / Charlotte / Sophia / Ella / cox: Megan)

       Teddington Head:

      WJ15 4+ (Halli / Hannah / Emma / Beth / cox: Sian)
      J14 4x+ (Ollie / Freddy / Ben / Daniel / cox: Megan)
      WJ13 8x+ (Sandrine / Maia / Hannah W / Layla / Annalisa / Olivia / Tallulah / Safia / cox: Issy)

       Kingston Small Boats Head:

      J16 4+ (Matt / Will / Harry / Jordan / cox: Max)
      WJ14 4x+ (Annalisa / Olivia / Safia / Tallulah / cox: Issy)
      Wallingford LDS:
      WJ14 2x (Alix / Ella)
      WJ14 1x (Jessie)


      Boat Naming Ceremony - 10 April 2016

      KRC held  a boat naming event at Canbury Boathouse on Sunday 10 April, to name three new boats. We had a number of distinguished guests – the deputy mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Councillor Geoff Austin; the deputy mayoress, Sheila Austin; Annamarie Phelps, chairman of British Rowing; Councillors Hugh Scantlebury, David Cunningham and Maria Netley; John Parrish, chairman of Canbury and Riverside Association – and Jacquie and Rod Payne, parents of Giselle.

       Our president, Peter King, was frustrated on his long journey from Essex by an M25 closure and our chairman, Mike Bate, stepped in to conduct the affairs of the day. The deputy mayor congratulated the club on the great contribution that KRC makes to the Royal Borough and Annamarie Phelps spoke inspirationally on the unique nature of rowing and how it forms peoples lives – better than any other sport! Next we had the Jack Petchey awards – the deputy mayor presented a leadership award to Chris 'Foxy' Fox and Annamarie presented a range of Petchey awards to ten members of our junior squad

       We named three Boats:

      The new eight was named Giselle after Giselle Cowie (née Payne) who died at the tragically young age of 43 in September last year from cancer.  Ian South, who coached Giselle in the 1980s, brought her memory to life and then Rod and Jacquie spoke emotionally of the their daughter.  The naming was by Giselle’s husband, Jamie, and Giselle’s children, Will, Ollie and Jess.   Also present with their families were Giselle’s sisters, Georgina and Gabrielle, both former KRC rowers.  

       A new four was named Foxy, after Chris Fox, a much loved member of the junior coaching team.  Chris launched the successful grant application to Sport England which allowed the purchase of the boat.  Chris Griffiths spoke fondly of Foxy who then poured the champagne and named the boat.

       Last but not least, the new pair was named after ‘club treasure’ David Ford, universally known as Dinsdale – so that is the name of the boat!  Mike Bate emphasised the unrelenting work that Dinsdale does behind the scenes to keep Canbury Boathouse going.  David then poured the champagne and named the boat. A crew made up of all squads at the club took 'Giselle' out for a row after the naming (pictured  below), whilst senior men James Marsden and Hal Bedford-Payne took the pair for a row.

       Thank you to Dermod Sweeney for organising the event and to all who attended - it was a great occasion!

      boat naming KRC

      Head of the River Race, 19 March 2016

      Two Senior Men's Eights took part in the Head of the River Race on Saturday March 19. Conditions were relatively benign by Tideway Standards with a 10mph north easterly wind.

      The 1st 8 finished 29th, which is the best result for KRC for about 10 years. Going over the course at about 35, they built from Barn Elms in and crossed the line at 38, having moved away from the Newcastle crew following, and gaining on the Lea 1st 8 ahead by some distance. This was a mature performance from a young crew. We had a 17 year old junior at bow, a 2nd year rower at 2 and a lightweight novice at 3. The stern five and cox were part of our squad from the past two years. 

      The 2nd 8 that raced on the day was compromised exclusively of new members to the senior squad apart from returning cox Prue Seaward. The majority came from other clubs and a couple from our novice squads from last year. They were unlucky to lose their leader and stroke man Rich Sharratt, the only returnee from last senior's squad, to illness before the race. His absence required a major line up rearrangement and inclusion of a substitute. Their position of 135th did not reflect the true quality crew. They will be back!

      Overall the squad had a decent performance giving us optimism and encouragement for the upcoming season. 

      Crew Lists: 

      1st 8: Josh Burrows (Bow), Sam Tunbridge, Nick Pepper, Andrew Bedford, Ben Handy, John Ciccarelli, James Marsden, Hal Bedford-Payne (Stroke), Adele Hing (Cox)

      2nd 8: Tom Hopkins (Bow), Manny Powell, Marko Manning, John Coughlan, Jonty Webber, Ivan Zovich, Emil Biese, Ed Davies (Stroke), Prudence Seaward (Cox)

      KRC 1st 8 HORR 2016

      KRC 2nd 8 HORR 2016

      Women's Eights Head, 5th March 2016

      KRC had one full crew entered into the race and two other KRC women rowed in composite crews. The senior women's squad targeted the novice (club) category this year, in part due to the composition of the squad but also due to the decision by the race committee to no longer offer IM3 or IM2 categories. The goal was to come top 3 in the novice (club) category, top 100 in the overall ranking and to beat the Thames RC novice crew, who were 4 seconds faster than us at the Hammersmith Head two weeks prior. We achieved all of these targets:

      • 3rd place out of 23 novice (club) crews in a time of 21:21.6
      • 4th place out of 67 novice (club and academic) categories combined
      • 73rd place overall out of 299
      • 24.3 seconds faster than the Thames RC Novice crew

      All of the hard preparation work paid off with the crew producing their best performance of the season so far. Cox Scott Cockle steered the perfect line from start to finish making sure we had full advantage of the stream, and the girls rowed long and efficiently, maintaining technique throughout the course. Given that we are not a big crew (average 5k time being 21:01 and no one over 5'9" tall) this is an excellent result. 

      We also had representation in two composite crews in Masters events. Birgith Sims rowed with three Dutch ladies and a mixture of women from British clubs in a Masters F crew for Time Only. Megan Addis rowed with our friends at Putney Town RC in a Masters D crew with a time of 22:50.4 (21:54.4 with handicap applied). 

      Novice 8+ Crew Listing: Scott Cockle (cox), Rachael Kugele (Str), Kakay Halle, Kirsty Warner, Henriette Storen, Amy Sims, Julia Dickman, Jo Berry, Holly Walmsley (Bow).

       2016 WeHoRR kingstonrowingclub

      Hammersmith Head, 20 February 2016

      Five crews raced at the Hammersmith Head on 20 February. 


      IM1 8+ - 5th overall, won category
      IM3 8+ - 10th overall, 3rd in category
      MAS E 8+ - 61st overall, 4th in category
      WNOV 8+ - 74th overall, 2nd in category
      WJ14 8x+ - 108th overall, 1st in category (pictured)

      Both senior men's crews had good races and had a good chance to experienced all the conditions the Tideway has to offer. It was great to have both crews come in the top 10 crews, especially a strong result for the 2nd 8+. The 1st 8+ had an encouraging result placing 8 seconds ahead of Molesey's IM1 8+.

      The Junior girls, having come 6th at Hampton Head (after breaking a blade 200m from the finish!) were determined to come out fighting at Hammersmith Head. The crew stormed to the top of their category with a win of almost 1 minute ahead of the 2nd place crew from Emanuel. The girls are now in a confident place as they train hard to come out strong at National School's Regatta later in the year.

      The days racing was invaluable for all crews in the run up to the Head of the River Race, Women's Head of the River and Vets Head of the River next month. 


      hammersmith head wj148x win

      Kingston Head of the River Race 2016

       *** KHORR - EVENT CANCELLED *** 

      Further to our earlier bulletin on river conditions, following consultation with the Environment Agency, the organisers of the Kingston HoRR have decided, with regret, to cancel the event. The EA is currently (Friday 11 March, midday) showing "red board" stream warnings on the Teddington Reach and have informed us that it is 99% certain that the same warning will be in place tomorrow for the time we plan to hold the event. With the safety of competitors as the prime concern, the event organisers' decision, therefore, is that the race must be cancelled.

      This is the first time for many years that stream conditions have caused the cancellation of Kingston Head. We hope that this will not reoccur for several years and look forward to welcoming competitors back to Kingston for the Small Boats Head in November 2016.  Further notices will be made concerning refunding of entry fees.

      Remenham Challenge, 19 December 2015

      KRC fielded six 8's at the Remenham Challenge. Overall results:

      Men's 1st 8, Intermediate, 5th
      Junior Boys, Intermediate, 13th
      Men's 2nd 8, Intermediate, 17th
      Open Masters Men, 23rd
      Masters Women, 32nd
      Novice Women, 34th

      The senior men's 8's both raced well maintaining good technique and pace. The 1st 8 placed 5th overall and 2nd in Intermediate, 17 seconds off the overall Elite Winners (Thames RC, containing a number of their 2015 winning HRR Thames Cup 8+ and a couple of full internationals on board). The 2nd 8, also racing as intermediate, placed 9th in the division. This was an encouraging overall performance for our young squad

      Our junior boys were the only Junior Status crew entered, so they stepped up to race as Intermediate, against other clubs men's crews. They placed 7th out of 13 and had a solid performance in difficult conditions. The young athletes gained valuable experience of Tideway rowing and Captain and Coach Danny O'Dowd was very pleased with their result. 

      The women's squad entered two crews and came away with excellent results. The masters crew came 2nd (of 3) and the Novices won (of 8) with some efficient rowing in the rough water.  (pictured below)

      Winning crew: R. Kugele (str) / K. Halle / K. Warner / J. Dickman / A. Sims / M. Stalley / L. Long / H. Walmsley (Bow) / R. Brunning (cox)

      remenham challenge novice win

      Walton Small Boats Head, 12 December 2015

      More red and white success with another three wins at Walton Small Boats Head. Racing started with perfect conditions, but the 3rd and 4th divisions were unfortunately cancelled due to winds gusting over 40mph, so not all our crews were able to compete. Our Juniors fielded a large team and won in the WJ17 2x category, plus an encouraging 3rd place in WJ16 1x (Beatrice Williams). The Senior Women  came away with 2 wins in WMasB 2x and WNov 2x, and 2nd place in WIM3 2X. Our WMasG 2x composite (Birgith Sims and Jackie Darling of BBL) raced time only (having scared away the competition!) but with handicap were the fastest Masters womens double by an impressive 18 seconds.  We also had representation from the masters men with two single scullers. KRC has now racked up 24 wins at racing so far in the 2015 season. 

      Winning Crews:
      WMasB 2x Caroline Willett / Sophie Faldo
      WNov 2x Kakay Halle / Kirsty Warner
      WJ17 2x Sophia Stiling / Louise Bate (pictured)
      walton juniorw172x win

      Teddington Head, 14 November 2015

      KRC had a successful day's racing at a very wet and windy Teddington Head. The women's squad picked up four wins and the junior women gaining the fifth win of the day, whilst also subbing into one of the senior crews. We also had a number of very close second places with the WJ16 4x-, Mas F 1x and the IM3 8+ (pictured below) all narrowly missing out. The men's squad IM3 8+ had a good race, building experience from Kingston Small Boats Head and a great stepping stone for the main head season. The W IM3 4+ was also the fastest women's 4+ on the day.

      Winning crews:

      W IM3 4+ R. Kugele, Kakay Halle, O. Marshall, C. Willet and Jen Hughes (cox) (pictured below)
      WNov 4x- J. Dickman, K. Warner, M. Stalley, M. Jackson
      WIM2 2x E. Scruby, R. Brunning
      WNov 1x M. Addis
      WJ16 4+M. Jheeta, C. Oliver, U. McNicol, B. Williams, S. Cockle (cox)
       Teddington head Wim34 win
      Womens winning IM3 Coxed Four

      Strong Results at Fours Head, 7 November 2015

      Two crews raced at the Fours Head of the River Race on Saturday 7 November. Both crews rowed well in very tough Tideway conditions.

      IM1 4+, placed 52nd overall, (climbing 80 places from last year) and 4th in their category, behind Tideway Scullers, Leander and Molesey Boat Club, all having GB U23's, triallists and ex Blue Boat squad members in their crews. Our crew coped well in the rough water and had a strong race, maintaining speed well and overtaking half a dozen crews over the course. 

      Our Jun4x, placed 83rd overall and 12th in a 40 strong field, climbing 17 places from last years result. The crew only rowed together a few days in advance of racing and pulled off a good result considering this.

      Crew Lists:
      IM1 4+: (pictured) Ben Handy, Hal Bedford Payne, John Ciccarelli, James Marsden, Adele Hing (cox)
      Jun 4x: Harry Walker, George Fellows, Josh Burrows, Tristan BettyFoursHeadIM4 Senior men

      Weybridge Silver Sculls, 17 October 2015

      Another two wins for the club from the senior and masters women's squads along with some very strong results from the Juniors made for a successful day at Weybridge Silver Sculls. Our WMasA 2x won in a very close race, with a margin of only 1 second over Weybridge RC. Our WMas C 2x produced a much more comfortable win by 20 seconds. The Junior Squad achieved four very creditable 2nd places as well as another four crews in the top 10 of their event. These results are very encouraging for the Junior Squad for the upcoming season.

      Full results are as follows:

      Win (of 3) W Mas A 2x C Willett / R Kugele
      Win (of 4) W Mas D 2x B Sims / C Willett

      2nd (of 11) IM3 1x J Burrows
      2nd (of 7) J14 2x M Hamdi / J Phelan
      2nd (of 7) J14 1x J Phelan
      2nd (of 3) W J14 1x A Harwood
      7th (of 30) J18 1x J Burrows
      7th (of 18) W J16 1x B Williams
      9th= (of 17) W J14 2x T Palmer / S Curtis
      9th= (of 17) W J14 2x L Howard / R Keri-Nagy
      9th (of 10) Mas D 1x M Cook
      12th (of 18) W J16 1x C Oliver
      16th (of 18) W J16 1x C Scott
      17th (of 18) W J16 1x M Jheeta
      18th (of 24) W J17 1x N Paterson-Moody
      19th= (of 26) J16 1x J Hare
      19th (of 24) W J17 1x L Bate
      20th (of 25) W J15 2x M Baker / R Mitchell
      21st (of 26) J16 1x M Saccomani
      21st (of 24) W J17 1x S Stiling
      22nd (of 25) W J15 2x S Sullivan / F Marton

      Success at the Pairs Head, 10th October 2015

      We had three crews racing at the Pairs Head on Saturday 10th October. We came away with two wins and one 2nd place. 

      Andrea Finn (KRC) won the Womens Senior 2- in a composite with Kate Grose (TSS) and were 0.33 seconds from being the fastest overall women's pair in the race. Birgith Sims (KRC) won the Womens Masters F/G 2x in a composite with Jackie Darling (BBL) by a very large margin, not needing the handicap to beat the F crews and were only 2 seconds slower than the winners of the E category. (With handicap applied they were the fastest women's double in the race). Andy Kapica (KRC) came a creditable second place in a composite with Dick Findlay (QBC) in the Masters G/H 2x, out of the nine crews in their category. Unfortunately our Senior 2- had to withdraw due to illness. 

      Womens Pairs Head Win 2016

      Andrea Finn (KRC) and Kate Grose (TSS) winning W Sen 2-

      Wallingford Long Distance Sculls, 26 Sept 2015

      KRC took a large contingent of the Junior Squad to race at Wallingford Long Distance Sculls over 4250m, as well as a Senior Womens double. For the first race of the season the weather was fantastic, with bright sunshine and clear skies as our scullers raced down the course. We recorded our first win for the season with the women's Masters 2x winning their category by a considerable margin. 

      WMasD 2x - Win
      J15 2x - 2nd 
      J16 2x - 2nd
      J14 1x - 2nd 
      WJ14 4x+ 4th
      WJ14 2x - 5th
      WJ16 4x-  - 5th
      WJ18 4x- - 5th
      WJ18 2x - 11th
      WJ16 1x - 24th
      WJ13 4x+  unfortunately had no competition 

      Our next race of the season is Weybridge Silver Sculls on Saturday 17th October. 

      Kingston Small Boats Head, 31 October 2015

      Kingston dominated the Small Boats Head with an impressive 12 wins and 7 second places. On a day with stunning conditions - flat, still water and bright sunshine - our rowers came out top with more wins than any other club. The success was spread throughout the squads, full results are listed below. A huge thank you needs to go out our team of volunteers who make this event possible.

      Winning crews:
      IM2 4x Head Crew R. Sharratt, A. Bedford, J. MacKinney, M. Zammit
      IM1 4+ B. Handy, H. Bedford-Payne, J. Ciccarelli, J. Marsden, A. Hing (cox) (pictured below)
      IM1 2- B. Handy, H. Bedford-Payne
      IM3 1x J. Burrows
      J18 2- T. Betty/J. Burrows
      J15 1x M. Cramp
      Mas D 4x- N. Bascombe, C. Worthington, T. Povey, M. Fellows
      Mas E/F/G 2x A. Kapica/D. Finlay (QBC)
      Mas F 1x A. Tompkins
      Nov 4+ R. Kugele, K. Halle, A. Sims, H. Storen and J. Hughes (cox)
      W Mas C/D/E 4x- B. Sims, J. Darling (BBL), C. Willett, H. Cook (MAA)
      W MasF/G 2x B. Sims/J. Darling (BBL)
      Many of the higher status events had little or no other competition so many of our senior men's crews raced time only. Our IM2 4x were Head Crew with a time of 17.26.  The Senior 4+ (T/O) clocked the 3rd fastest time in Division 2 and the IM1 4+ (T/O) clocked the 2nd fasted time in Division 1.
      Kingston Small Boats 2015 im14 win

      Start of 2015-16 Season Meeting

      Some 150 athletes turned out our Start of Season Meeting on September 5th. A great turnout of both existing squads and many new members attended along with our Executive Committee members. Captain Danny O'Dowd and Rowing Manager Nick Rowett covered key information about the club for new members and outlined key contacts which can be found here

      We had an extremely exciting and successful 2014-15 season, 2015-16 sees much more to come on the horizon!


      Kingston Amateur Regatta

      KRC again hosted another very successful regatta over two days, with over 500 crews racing every 3-4 minutes for a total of 20 hours. The regatta was sponsored again this year by CNM Estates Ltd.

      KRC squads were successful in several events. The Senior Men won the Open Diamond Jubilee Sprint 8's. Our junior squad had a strong entry of 25 boats, seeing 7 finals and 2 wins in the J16 2x and WJ15 1x. We also had wins in WMASA/B 2x, MAS F1x and a number of 2nd places.

      A few lucky crews had their trophies presented by Sir Steve Redgrave CBE and Anna Watkins MBE who fitted a prize-giving into their filming with John Inverdale for the BBC's coverage of the Rowing World Cup from Lucerne. The regatta was pleased to welcome Lord Sterling of Plaistow, who commissioned the Queens Row Barge Gloriana.  Gloriana was rowed downstream by volunteers from racing and was moored at the Gazebo landing stage for both days. 

      Kingston Regatta Mens Open Diamond Jubilee Sprint Eight Winners

      Senior Men Recruitment

      KRC is looking for ambitious oarsmen to join their senior men’s squad. 

      The current squad is a rapidly up and coming young group dedicated to winning at Henley Royal Regatta.

      The 2014/15 season posted strong results:
      2nd in Senior 4- at the Fours Head
      4th fastest open weight U23 4- at the British National Championships
      3rd in Elite 8s at Wallingford
      Top 3 finishes in Senior 4+ at the Met and Marlow.

      We need equally motivated and talented rowers to join us.
      You do not need to be the finished article, our approach is all
      about development. You do need to have big ambition, dedication,
      discipline and drive.

      Click for more detailed results from 2014-15

      Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      Women's Squad 2015 Results

      Pairs Head, October 2014

      W Mas C/D/E 2- (KRC / TSS composite).

      Kingston Small Boats Head,November 2014

      W IM2 4x-

      W IM2 2x

      Teddington Head, November 2014

      W Mas B/C 4+

      W IM2 1x 

      Kingston Head of the River, March 2015

      W IM3 4+

      Walton & Weybridge Regatta, June 2015

      W Mas A/B 4x-

      British Masters Rowing Championships, June 2015

      W Mas A Champ 4x-

      W Mas A Nov 1x

      Richmond Regatta, June 2015

      W Nov 1x

      Kingston Regatta, July 2015

      W Mas A/B 2x

      W Mas A/B 1x

      Junior Squad Win at Summer Regattas 2015

      Our Junior Squad have posted a healthy set of wins at both Molesey and Staines Regattas. 

      Molesey Regatta: 11 crews entered, 4 finals and 2 wins in WJ13 4x+ and WJ15 2x

      Staines Regatta: 11 crews, 8 finals, 5 wins in:
      J16 1x
      J16 2x 
      IM2 2- 
      J15 2x 
      WJ12 1x 

      Well done to all crews who raced!

      Juniors Summer Regatta Wins 2015

      Senior Men's Squad Results 2015

      Hammersmith Head, March 2015

      Win at IM1 8+, (9th overall)

      Kingston Head, March 2015

      6th Overall, 2nd in IM1 8+

      HORR, March 2015

      1st 8 43rd 2nd 8 133rd

      Wallingford Regatta, May 2015

      3rd in Elite Challenge 8’s final

      BUCS Regatta, May 2015

      5th in Final of Championship 2-  (Kingston University) 

      Metropolitan Regatta, May 2015

      4th Sen 4+ Final (Saturday)
      3rd Sen 4+ Final (Sunday)

      Marlow Regatta, June 2015

      3rd Sen 4+ Final 
      Placed into the B final in a 30 strong field in IM2 8's

      Barnes & Mortlake Regatta 2015

      “Draaawww…” shouted cox Zara, “… wind, wind, now lengthen…”. We’re off in a 3-way semi-final, pushing away from the grey hulk of Chiswick Bridge. We haven’t started well but the school crew to our left are struggling and a canvas down already. On our right Quintin BC are level with us and rowing neatly. Slowly the crew finds its rhythm, we’re at rate 36, the boat is set level and we’re locking on well at the catch, leveraging our power advantage over the other crews, now pulling away with every stroke. Belief seeps through the crew as we power out to a clear water lead at 600 metres, the heart-warming sight of opposition boats lagging behind. Despite a few late wobbles as we cut through the Tideway chop, we cross the line 2 lengths clear – and into the final!

      Some months earlier a squad had come together: a strong student contingent, some of last year’s novice crew, and a handful of recent Start to Row learners. From a diverse group – comprising various ages, heights, weights, nationalities and occupations – a core emerged who committed to the training. Good results followed – Head race performances gave other KRC crews pause for thought. Despite some personnel changes we had approached the regatta confident and prepared.

      Emmanuel School are our final opponents. We expect a fast start from them but hope our mid race pace will come through. There’s nervous jockeying for position on the line as bow pairs tap it up, finally the umpires are happy. Our start is better than before – a glance across and Emmanuel are a seat up only. This time there are no wobbles, with a pounding rhythm we steadily walk up the opposition boat. The umpires screech a warning for us to hold our line but we’ve got clear water and don’t let go. Coach Adrian shouts from the bank as we wind for the line – we’ve won! Some nervous moments, as the umpires solemnly lecture us on holding line and Emmanuel protest, but to no avail. Back on the bank we de-rig and head back to KRC.

      “3…2…1…go…” Zara flies through the air in a graceful arc, and drops into the water with a satisfying splosh. “Youz *******” she says as we haul her out of the river, and an exhausted but deeply satisfied crew and cox head to the pub in the late afternoon sunshine.

      Charles Jans

      Novice8 BarnesMortlake 2015

      British Rowing Masters Championships - 13th & 14th June 2015

      Eight KRC women represented us at the British Rowing Masters Championships at Nottingham. Despite a thoroughly very wet day, the lake was about as flat as I have ever seen it - most unusual for Nottingham. This event has Championship, IM3 and Novice events all for Masters rowers (27 years old+) and is raced over 1000m.

      We had entries in eight events and won gold in three of these:

      • Women's Championship A 4x- Emma Scruby, Sophie Faldo, Caroline Willett and Rachael Kugele (str). The crew had a great race as they were very close at half way but pulled out a really strong second half to win by clear water.
      • Women's Championship F/G 2x Birgith Sims and Jackie Darling of BBRLC (str). Despite being one age category older than their three opponents, they pulled away from the field to win by a huge margin, sculling with beautiful efficiency.
      • Women's Novice A 1x Wendy Saunders. If you are going to win your novice pot, a championship regatta is a good place to do it.

      In all, six of the eight KRC rowers won a gold medal, and we were just 3/4 length off winning the W Nov B 4x- which would have been gold for the other two.

      Champ A 4x Gold

      Champ FG 2x Gold

      Nov A 1x Gold

      Walton & Weybridge Regatta - 6th June 2015

      KRC had five crews racing at Walton this year and we came away with one win.

      Walton W A 4x

      Our crews in the W IM3 2x, W Nov 4+ and M Nov 8+ all got knocked out in their heats, although the Men's Nov  8+ had an exciting race losing by only 1 length to the eventual winners and were closer to them than any of the other crews they beat - this bodes well for their next attempt to win their novice pot.

      Emily Baylis, having her first go at Women's Novice 1x clearly scared off most of the opposition as both the other scullers on her side of the draw scratched so she rowed over to get into the final. She lost in the final but had a very encouraging first single sculls race.

      Our winning crews was the Women's Masters A 4x- of Emma Scruby, Sophie Kennedy, Caroline Willett and Rachael Kugele (str) who their final 'Easily' over a Weybridge Ladies crew.

      Dionne Davies (nee Bett)

      dionneMany of you will have fond memories of Dionne Davies (Bett) and will have been saddened to hear that she passed away last week. An active rower, club member and Women’s Captain in the late 1990’s – 2002, and then social member, Remenham member and active Henley supporter, a warm and loyal friend who will be hugely missed by us all.

      Dionne's funeral will take place at 11am on Wednesday, 10th December at Clandon Wood Natural Burial Reserve, Epsom Road, West Clandon, Guildford, GU4 7FN. Tel: 01483 479614.

      Dionne's wish was to be buried in a natural woodland and meadow setting at Clandon Wood. She will rest in peace surrounded by the things she loved, thirty one acres of meadow consisting of trees, wildflowers, grazing sheep and a lake.

      PLEASE NOTE: Wear bright clothing and footwear to suit an outdoor setting. Your feet will get muddy! Club blazers and scarlet welcomed.

      Please bring footwear to change into afterwards. Please do not wear black, Dionne made it very clear, bright colours only!

      Her parents Penny and Gerry, and her husband Keith would like to invite you to join them after the service for a drink to celebrate Dionne's life at the Horse and Groom, Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford, GU1 2RG. Tel: 01483 575375.

      If you have photos you would like to share of Dionne please bring a copy as we plan to display for all to view.
      It would be appreciated it if it was family flowers only at the funeral.
      However, if you wish to make a donation you will be able to do so on the day. Donations will go to Cancer Research and CaringBridge.

      Alan Spong

      Alan Spong

      Our past president Alan Spong has passed away, aged 94.

      The timing is particularly aposite as the club is planning its 'Row to Remember' Sponsored Row and Alan was one of the last surviving Dunkirk veterans.

       A dozen or so Scarlet Blazers attended his funeral to complement the Dogget Coat and Badge uniforms worn by three recent winners  (Alan was a member of the Worshipful Company of Watermen and Lightermen of The Thames and was elected their Master in 1980)

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      Senior Men's Squad Results 2014

      British Championships, October 2014

      4th Fastest U23 4- and won respective final.
      Open 8+ time trialled and drawn into the C final, before the event was cancelled due to high winds. 

      Fours Head, November 2014

      2nd in Sen 4- (7th fastest 4- overall, overall race placing 43rd),
      6th in IM1 4+ (132nd overall)
      3rd club boat 13th in IM1 4- (127th overall)

      Kingston Small Boats Head, November 2014

      Win, Sen 4-, and overall Head Win
      Win, Sen 2- 
      Win, IM1 4+ 
      IM1 4-, division winner

      Remenham Challenge, December 2014

      2nd in Elite 8, 4th overall

      Junior Inter Regional Trials 2014

      The KRC junior squad had trials for the Junior Inter Regional Regatta to be held at Nottingham on 26th April. Six of our crews were selected beating opposition from Thames, TSS, Emmanuel, LEH and Hampton.

      Kingston RC will be representing the Thames London Region in:-

      J16 4+ and J16 8o,

      J15 2X and J15 4X+,

      J14 2X and W J14 4X+.

      Women's Easter Training Camp 2014

      In the words of Vince Lombardi "winning isn't everything but the thought of winning is". This thought entwined with the renewed collective passion of the women's senior squad to achieve our very best has been the driving force behind our training camp at the club over the Easter break.

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      Hammersmith Head 2014

      The Senior Men raced at Hammersmith Head on Sunday 9th March in glorious spring sunshine. The weather was in stark contrast to the preceding 2-3 months which had confined the squad to the ergs. The race was only the 7th water outing for the squad since 20th December! KRC I went off 13th which is where they would finish (3rd out of 8 in IM1). KRC II went off 18th and finished 56th (13th out 18 in IM2). The expectation within the squad this year meant that the crews were slightly disappointed with their result but perhaps not too surprising given the lack of water time. The stroke rate of both crews was significantly lower than the opposition. However, with the river now off Red Boards, a reorganisation of the crew line ups and more water outings, both crews have every hope to be able to significantly improve on the Hammersmith results at Kingston and the Tideway Head. 


      • KRC I   (Matt Piechowicz, Chris China, Ali Lee, Andrew (Jeremy) Bedford, John Keen-Tomlinson, Ertan Hazine, Jon (Mac) Mackinney, Hal Bedford-Payne, JP Salter (cox).
      • KRC II (Rob Blackie, Tom Rawlins, Adam Dracott, Piers Morgan, Elan Schoonmaker, Chris Churchett, Jonny Davies, Sam Richards, Mikey Lowarth (cox).

      Clive Hallt

      Sadly I have just heard that another Life member, Clive Hallt passed away on Mon 10th March 2014. Clive was Chairman of the Regatta Committee that moved the Kingston Regatta to its present location and was an inspiration and coach behind the Saxon Boat Club and various other antics in the late `60s and early `70s.

      There will be drinks in memory of Clive in the Saddlers Arms at Send from 1.00pm on Saturday 29th March.  There will be no formal service - in line with Clive's wishes and because he bequeathed his body for medical research. 

      Doc Sutton

        I have just received news that Doc Sutton - Dr Grahame Sutton MBE, passed away last Sat on 8th March 2014, aged 85.

      Doc Sutton

      Doc was a long time rower at Kingston, joining in 1970 and continued to row until some years ago in a vintage wooden veteran coxless 4 that was nearly as old as his rowing kit! He had a sharp wit, but was always sympathetic and helpful with any athlete's ailments. Doc received his MBE whilst serving as a medical officer with the Royal Norfolks in the Cyprus emergency in 1956. In the midst of a forest fire and despite 2nd degree burns to his arm, he went in search of survivors and attended half a dozen soldiers needing first aid.

      The funeral is at Croydon Crematorium. CR9 3AT on Thursday 27th March at 2.15 p.m.
      Family flowers only. Donations, if desired can be made to the National Autistic Society c/o W A Truelove & Son Ltd, 107 Stafford Road SM6 9AP oronline.

      Ian Wylie

      It is with deep regret that I have to inform members of the death of Ian Wylie during the night of 26th February 2014. Ian joined the Club in the early sixties and played an active part in KRC until moving to Kent in the mid seventies. In recent years, he returned to Kingston and has been helping out with  coaching and became a regular member in the Leviathan squad outings.

      Ian's funeral will be held at the Tunbridge Wells Crematorium at 2.30pm on Wednesday 19th March.

       Ian Wylie at Henley 2010

       Jackie, his wife, has asked as many as possible attending the funeral, to wear their Henley blazers to celebrate Ian's long association with the sport.


      Pair's Head Win 2013

      Congratulations to Andrea Finn, with Kate Grose on winning the Pairs Head Master's C 2-, coming a very creditable 252/437 overall (just beating Birgith Sims into second place by 3 seconds on handicap).

      First strike of the new season to the ladies!

      FISA World Masters Regatta Lake Varese 2013

      Varese - 4 winsIf you ask some of the more senior members of the club what the Veteran regatta is about, they will likely regale you with stories of ‘having a pull’ quaffing a lot of beer and a party where you might ‘get lucky’. 20 years ago, that was not so far of the mark. If you knew which end of an oar to hold, the chances were that you would come home with a win.
      Today, veteran, or as it is now known, Masters Rowing is a very different story. Gone are the beer bellies, the purple faces of heavily puffing unfit middle aged men trying to recreate their youth.

      FISA World masters is now the largest regatta in the world, with races running every 3 minutes for 4 days. If you want to see luscious legs in lycra, come along. The idea of continuing to race as the years roll on has indeed caught the imagination of rowers from across the globe with 39 different nations represented.


      Read more ...

      Masters at Molesey Regatta 2013

      Kingston Masters D Quad

      Well done to Charles Worthington, Neil Bascombe, Miles Fellows and Steve Drury (L to R in pic) on winning the Masters D Quadruple sculls at Molesey Regatta. They raced Eton Excelsior in their heat before beating Maidenhead in the Final by a comfortable 3 lengths.

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      Henley Masters 2013

      Henley Masters 2013

      Henley Masters was represented by Andy Tompkins and Birgith Sims this year and both came away with wins. The course runs upstream from Temple Island along the Henley RR course but in consideration to age finishes early at 1000m by Upper Thames RC.

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      James Townley


      Members will be saddened to  hear of the death on Friday 21 September of an ex-KRC member, Captain James Townley, who was killed in an incident whilst serving in Afghanistan at the age of only 29.

      Read more ...

      Leviathan Outing 2012

      The first new gathering of the Leviathan will take place on Sunday 12th February 2012 at 10.00hrs Lurch Ayling is unable to act as secretary so I am reverting to my original position as secretary/founder, until someone  more capable can be enticed into this much sort after post.

      I have been supplied with a previous list of e mail addresses which was used to keep everyone informed about our meeting dates etc., but some are so unorthodox, not to say obscene, that I would be grateful to receive an email from all those who would be interested in knowing what the Leviathan is up to. This will allow me to know names against the mail address. I am aware that some still do not have e mail and I will have to find another way of contacting you. Please let me know even if you feel I already have this information.

      My E mail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      My telephone number: 01787 8805756

      My address: 44 Bantocks Road,Great Waldingfield, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 0RT

      For those who have not heard of the Leviathan, it is a social gathering for all old KRC members, indeed any old rower, who wishes to meet on an ad hoc basis. Thanks to efforts from some of our members we try to supply a lunch, and for those who wish to find out how far their rowing has waned, we try to organise boats. This is not compulsory and indeed in some (most?) cases is not recommended.

      Our meetings also of course allow us to keep in contact with, and continue to support our club.

      Would all interested parties please let me have your e mail addresses.


      Two wins at Veterans Head 2011

      The Vesta Vets Head was held the day after the Tideway Head on 3rd April. Preserving the normal Vet routine of morning rowing outing, drinks at the bar, Sunday Lunch meant the race had to start at 9:00 just two hours before low tide. This added another minute or so to the time, unfortunate for those who thought the race was plenty long enough already, and even more unfortunate for those starting at the tail end in slack water.

      The veteran squad boated an all Kingston men’s entry for the first time in a year or two. The Master’s D crew contained a number of new and old faces, and several who hadn’t been seen in their racing vest for a good while! - Steve Peters, Charles Worthington, Miles Fellows, Peter Fish, John Fitch, Steve Drury, Ray Merrall, David Livingstone and a somewhat jaded JP Salter as cox suffering from post Tideway Head party overindulgence.

      In addition to the all KRC crew there were a number of members who could be spotted sporting their Kingston colours in assorted composite crews. Andy Kapica slotted into the winning bow seat of a six club Vet H crew (that’s an average age of 70-75!) with some very long standing crew mates. Birgith Sims stroked and won Women’s Vet D-F, Helen Gadsden raced in the 5 seat of a Women’s Vet C Eight, and Andy Tompkins rowed at 5 in another Vet D Eight.

      Finish Position




      Category Position


      Kingston composite with Warwick BC/Walbrook/Poole



      2nd out of 42


      Kingston composite with Henley/TSS/Bradford/Sheffield/Minerva

      MasG/H (H)


      1st out of 7


      Kingston RC



      21st out of 42


      Kingston composite with Crabtree BC/Walton RC/Dart Totnes RC



      3rd out of 12


      Kingston composite with Medway Towns RC/Walbrook/Barnes Bridge Ladies/Burway RC/Maidenhead RC/Fredensborg/Thames RC

      W.MasD+ (F)


      1st out of 9

      Andy Holmes MBE

      It is very sad to report the death of Andy Holmes MBE on 24 October 2010  aged 51.

      Andy Holmes SeoulAndy rowed at Kingston in the early 80’s before going  on to win two Olympic Gold medals: Coxed Fours at Los Angeles in 1984 with Richard Budgett, Martin Cross and Steve Redgrave with cox Adrian Ellison;  and then in Coxless Pairs at Seoul in 1988 with Steve Redgrave (where they also doubled up to win a Bronze in Coxed Pairs).

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      Alistair Graham

      I am very sorry to inform you that Alistair Graham died on Wed 28th July 2010 in hospital following a fall at home.

      Alistair was a former Captain of Kingston Rowing Club including the 1981 season when the Men's squad at Henley Royal Regatta reached three finals, winning the Goblets, the Prince Philip and narrowly losing in the Britannia Cup - the best results in a century. The Men's Pair and Coxed Four together with the Women's Double Scull of Astrid Ayling and Sue McNuff went on to represent Great Britain in the 1981 World Championships, a level of club rowing success unprecedented before or since.

      As well as being a long standing and popular stalwart and coach of Kingston Rowing Club, Alistair was also a Vice President at Dittons Skiff and Punting club, Punting being a sport about which he was passionate. He will be much missed and I am sure you will wish to join with me in expressing sincere condolences to his surviving sister and brother, Deirdre and Charles and his nieces Victoria and Emma-Jane.

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      KRC Veterans in Trakai, Lithuania.

      The FISA World Veteran meeting 2008 took place in Lithuania on the East coast of the Baltic.

      The FiveFive intrepid participants set off from Kingston with the weather forecast warning of strong winds, heavy rain and low temperatures. Oh great- here we go again. The rucksack was straining at the seems with warm rowing gear, gilets and waterproofs.
      Even my fleece hat got packed after last years near hypothermia experience in Zagreb.
      Flylal (the Lithuanian version of Easyjet) got us there with no fuss and no food!. So having checked into the B+B, a very nice guesthouse in old Vilnius town (described on their web site as a sexy hotel for sexy people, so just right for us) we raided a McDonalds for burgers, coke and chips. Not a cool start.

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      Veteran Section Update Sept 2008

      As you may well know, the weather Gods destroyed the Veteran Eights Head. Our all Kingston Vet A girls got as far as to put the boat on the water before the whole thing was cancelled, whilst the Vet E girls were still gossiping with their Czech, Canadian, Norwegian and Dutch crew members. So no chance to try the nice new Janousec eight, kindly lent by Tiffin, only a swig of beer in Vesta.

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      Kingston Girl wins Olympic medal

      Congratulations from Kingston Rowing Club to Rebecca Romero for her Olympic gold medal performance on the cycling track.

      Rebecca Romero 

      Read more ...

      Steve Chasey - Obituary

      steve-chasey.jpg It is with sadness that we report that Steve Chasey, a rower, coach, and a great character of  KRC passed away last night.

      Steve will be fondly remembered for his enthusiasm and love for all things rowing, and for passing some of that on to the many rowers, novice to elite, that he coached in recent years.

      Steve's involvement in KRC spanned decades and his love for the sport is clear from this short excerpt of the History of the Kingston Regatta published in last year's regatta programme.

      Steve Chasey who first rowed at the Regatta for Kingston Grammar School and has been a lifelong member of Kingston RC where he still coaches and with the greatest of respect to Steve can safely be described as being a member of the ‘MAD’ crowd. Steve writes:

      “Without rowing I really don’t know where I would be. It has been the constant that has held everything together. From schooldays in Kingston through the hedonistic 60s into the armed forces, special forces, whatever the world has brought, rowing and the river has always given me space to breathe again. To take those gasps of air after a heavy workout on the river as the mist rises to reveal a warming sun saying ‘good morning’, easing those aching muscles, giving fresh light on the world again. The river has been my life, so much so that I can’t imagine life without it. I now live on a boat on the river at Kingston, a part of its ebb and flow. From competing at the Regatta as a boy to coaching crews I have been coming to the Regatta for 50 years now and I wouldn’t miss this day for the world.”

      Our sincerest wishes are with Steve's family.

      The funeral will be held on Wednesday 4th June 2008 at Kingston Crematorium, 2:20 and afterwards at the Club.

      Kingston Cemetery
      Bonner Hill Road 
      Kingston upon Thames 
      KT1 3EZ  

      Leviathan Update 2008

      Since the start of the 150th Anniversary season the Leviathans have continued to enjoy their monthly outings up to Hampton Court (sometimes) and in their November foray also enjoyed a magnificent Pheasant repast following their re-hydration (on medical advice).

      Read more ...

      River Safety Information

      KRC provides all members with information relating to safety at the KRC boathouse and our stretch of river, and requires all members to have read and to adhere to the Safety Plan as part of their acceptance of membership. You can download the KRC Safety and Boating Plan here.

      KRC adheres to the Row Safe guide  (replacing the ARA water safety code) and expects all members to adhere to these basic safety standards.  The British Rowing Safety section of their website contains a wealth of additional documents.

      The state of the stream at Kingston can be indicated by visiting the Environment Agency web site (Molesey Lock to Teddington Lock reach).  The latest information is available by contacting the Lock Keeper directly on 0208 940 8723  Teddington Lock website.


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